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* Satakertainen kaaos // Hundred times of Chaos

Kirjoitettu 19.04.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(2: ”The threat of hundredfold chaos” – A hundredfold, I see… 3: I wonder what this ’hundredfold chaos’ is? 4: Sounds like lyrics from an eurovision contest song… *snap* *snap* 5: ”The threat of a hundredfold chaos~  and the whole life blows apart~ – How much chaos do we have now?)

Iltapäivälehdet revittelee otsikolla ”Satakertainen kaaos uhkaa”. Kun sitä miettii, sama lause sopii Virve Rostin ’Sata salamaa’ -kappaleen kertosäkeeseen. Kokeilkaa vaikka.

Finnish newspaper are going mad over the Iceland volcano ash thing, including headlines such as ’ The threat of a hundredfold chaos’. When you think about it, the same sentence fits into Virve Rosti’s song ’Sata Salamaa’ (A hundred lightnings). Try it, if you know any Finnish.

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