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* Nostalgiaa // Nostalgy

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(1: I suppose I could make a badge… 3: – Really fab. – Thanks.) (Pylly = Bottom, bum)

Tämän enempää ei ole kolmen päivän Oriveden reissulta. Vapaa-aikani riitti juuri ja juuri sommitteluopin itsenäiseen suorittamiseen iltaisin, johon kuului suorastaan naurettava määrä tehtäviä. Onneksi sarjakuvafestarien kynnyksellä sain Telakalla piirrettyä, kun yhden katon alle kokoontui monta legendaarista hahmoa.

This is all I drew during my three day gig in Orivesi. I had just enough free time to pass composition course (and the massive amounts of homework)  independently. Luckily I could draw something at Telakka, where Suuri Kurpitsa publications celebrated it’s 30th birthday and many living legends gathered under one roof.

(Jahnukaiset + my old Finnish teacher 3: What?! 4: Finland is a small country – Well of course! She was so awesome she has to be in the band!)

En ole varma laulaako hän todella Jahnukaisissa vai oliko se vain nopea sound check, mutta hän oli siellä myös jonkun bändin kokoonpanossa. //  I’m not sure if she really sings in Jahnukaiset or was it just sound check, but she was there with some band.

(1: But where is everyone? *Always too early* 2: A wizard is never late nor is he early… He arrives precisely when he mean- -Shut up Gandalf.)

Makee opettajamme Petteri Tikkanen // Our sweet sensei Petteri Tikkanen

Pirinen oli kokenut sellaisen muodonmuutoksen, että kesti puolisen tuntia tajuta kenestä oikein oli kysymys. Sori Pirinen (ja sori huonosta kuvanalaadusta, muste loppui taktisesti) // Sensei Ville Pirinen had transformed so it took me half an hour to realize who he was. I’m sorry Pirinen (and sorry for the poor quality, I ran out of ink)

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* Viimeinen viikko – Torstai ja Perjantai // The Last Week – Thursday and Friday

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(1: Pete is our class’ expert on shit. He specializes in old cartoons. 2: From his initiative we have watched The Bluffers, Maxie’s World, Superman… Not to mention Superted…  3: Today it was absolutely necessary to watch ” Barbie in Space” – Want! 4: Success was guaranteed. – This is so SHITTY! 5:  Iiris I gotta have this video! – You can’t, it’s mine. – SELL IT! – No I won’t! – WHY?! – Well I don’t know for fuck sake!)

Torstai vielä meni. Siivoiltiin ja muisteltiin menneitä… Peten takia katsottiin myös vanhoja lasten videoita, joita oli kasaantunut luokan kaappeihin. Perjantaina olikin sitten ihan eri fiilis.

Thursday was still okay. We were cleaning up and recollected the past months… Because of Pete we also watched old children’s videos we had stashed in our class lockers. Friday felt completely different. ** For those who don’t understand why we think so poorly of The Bluffers, I recommend watching clips featuring the Finnish dub on Youtube. **

(1: Today we wacthed more ”The Bluffers”. Eating warm pudding didn’t ease the sensation. 2: Yesterday we destroyed the cardboard poor-man we built for the comic exhibition. Inside it’s arm we collected whopping 41 euros. 3: Then… Friday turned into a sea of tears. – Bye Bye, Kitty… – Bye bye, Super Smash Bros. Brawl sessions… I never learned to play it… – NO! – YES! – Bye bye, Teachers… You were epic. Catch you later… – I really wasn’t supposed to cry my eyes out or draw long good byes… But fuck it, I couldn’t help it, this year has been incredible.)

Bye then, you all.

(1: My frist week is almost over. I have learned that I’m not ready. Not even close.  Since I’m used to being ’a big fish in a small pond’, this bothers me a bit. 2: Being distressed is still a normal part of creative process and is a vital part of growth and development. Therefore I’m am getting ’better’ all the time. 3: I hate beginnings.)

Koska olo oli niin hakea ja niin oudon surullinen, pistän tähän postaukseen loppukevennyksen. Eilen illalla, ennen kuin muutuin angstaavaksi zombiksi, piirsin päihtyneenä ystävieni pyynnöstä Chewbaccan ja sille tyttökaveriksi Shebaccan.

Because I felt so melancholic and strangely sad I end my post with something more lighter. Yesterday night, before I became an angsty zombie, from my friends’ request I drew Chewbacca and his lady friend, Shebacca.

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* Laiska viikko // Lazy Week

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Makkara pakenee jääkaapista // A Sausage espaces from a fridge

(1: It once happened that one day a piece of dead flesh became alive in a refridgerator.  2: This unfortunate convenience food reached self awareness which consisted of it’s ingredient’s awarenesses. 4: It could memorize some aspects of it’s ingredients’ lives. 5: It remembered it’s late legs. 7:  It remembered the air and wind. )

(1: *drip*)

Pöydältä löytyi tehtävä Tilsan viikolta, ’makkara herää henkiin ja pakenee jääkaapista’.  Kyseessä oli absurdin huumorin kurssi, mutta genrellä sai kuulemma revitellä. Ei oikeastaan edes huvittanut tehdä alkuunkaan hauskaa sarjakuvaa makkarasta, vaan kehittää tarina menneen elämänsä muistavasta eineksestä, joka sittemmin menettää järkensä. Takaisin vegetatiiviseen tilaan taantuminenhan voisi olla pakenemista?

From my desk I found one assignment from Tilsa’s course, ’ a sausage comes bakc to life and espaces from a fridge’. It was a course for absurd humor, but we were allowed to play with genres. Actually I wasn’t even in the mood for a funny comic about a sausage but to develope a story about a convenience food that remembers it’s previous life and then loses it’s mind. Regressing back into a vegetable (stupid choice of words) could be considered escaping?

Tämä on Pirisen taidesarjakuvakurssilta – abstrakti sarjakuva. Saatte itse miettiä mitä helvettiä tässä tapahtuu. Paska skanni ei ainakaan helpota asiaa.

This one is from Ville Pirinen’s art comic course – an abstract comic. You can figure out yourself what the hell is this one about. Shitty scan sure doesn’t make it easier.

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* Jonagold-kostaja // The Jonagold Avenger

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(1: Hey, Jonagold apples! 2: CRASH! 4: Good afternoon, pathetic mortals! 5: Call the guards! Police! 6: Your stupid technology is no match to my awesome powers – oh?  11: Hey, Jonagold apples!)

Jukka Tilsan absurdin huumorin kurssi… Piirrettiin yhdestä kahteen sivua, aiheena omenoiden osto. Tarkoituksena oli lisätä jokin täysin överi käänne ja liioitella sitä entisestään. Viimeisen sivun luonnoton perspektiivi on jo aika liioiteltua, eikö?

Jukka Tilsa’s course on absurd humor… We drew one to two pages and our topic was buying apples. The point was to add some completely absurd plot twist and then exaggerate it. The unnatural perspective in the last panel is quite over the top, isn’t it?

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