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* Nostalgiaa // Nostalgy

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(1: I suppose I could make a badge… 3: – Really fab. – Thanks.) (Pylly = Bottom, bum)

Tämän enempää ei ole kolmen päivän Oriveden reissulta. Vapaa-aikani riitti juuri ja juuri sommitteluopin itsenäiseen suorittamiseen iltaisin, johon kuului suorastaan naurettava määrä tehtäviä. Onneksi sarjakuvafestarien kynnyksellä sain Telakalla piirrettyä, kun yhden katon alle kokoontui monta legendaarista hahmoa.

This is all I drew during my three day gig in Orivesi. I had just enough free time to pass composition course (and the massive amounts of homework)  independently. Luckily I could draw something at Telakka, where Suuri Kurpitsa publications celebrated it’s 30th birthday and many living legends gathered under one roof.

(Jahnukaiset + my old Finnish teacher 3: What?! 4: Finland is a small country – Well of course! She was so awesome she has to be in the band!)

En ole varma laulaako hän todella Jahnukaisissa vai oliko se vain nopea sound check, mutta hän oli siellä myös jonkun bändin kokoonpanossa. //  I’m not sure if she really sings in Jahnukaiset or was it just sound check, but she was there with some band.

(1: But where is everyone? *Always too early* 2: A wizard is never late nor is he early… He arrives precisely when he mean- -Shut up Gandalf.)

Makee opettajamme Petteri Tikkanen // Our sweet sensei Petteri Tikkanen

Pirinen oli kokenut sellaisen muodonmuutoksen, että kesti puolisen tuntia tajuta kenestä oikein oli kysymys. Sori Pirinen (ja sori huonosta kuvanalaadusta, muste loppui taktisesti) // Sensei Ville Pirinen had transformed so it took me half an hour to realize who he was. I’m sorry Pirinen (and sorry for the poor quality, I ran out of ink)

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* Sarjakuvafestivaalit 11.-12.9. // Helsinki comics festival 11.-12.9.

Kirjoitettu 13.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(Comic Festivals! Saturday… 3: I have the itch that I’m not gonna win anything. It doesn’t make me that sad, though…  4: I wonder where all the others are? 6: Okay now I’m nervous)

(1: Didn’t win any places. 2: Kinda saw it coming but it still ’hit’ me. 3: A new try next year? – Oof! 4: It’s okay, Auntie Kylli competition makes me feel better. – Where’s my tooth?! )

Hekumallinen kuva, jonka piirsin Suomi-Ruotsi-maaottelun inspiroimana. Magneettiseen kielilukkoon antautuivat Ville Pirinen ja Kolbeinn Karlsson (sain molempien nimmarit!). Alempana Black Peiderin nimmari herkullisena yksityiskohtana.

The Finland vs Sweden match inspired me to draw this lustful picture. This magnetic tongue lock features Ville Pirinen and Kolbeinn Karlsson (got their autographs!). The lower signature belongs to Black Peider (Petteri Tikkanen) and serves as a delicious little detail.

(*remember that in my notebook the arrow points to the Ville x Kolbeinn picture* 1: I just creamed myself! BUT… 2: I overheard a small fragment of a comic  blog panel conversation – Comic blogs don’t get muc constructive criticism concerning the quality… 3: … and those who comment are usually people the blogger is already familiar with. 4: I’ve noticed this myself. Outsider commentors are a rarity. I haven’t received that much constructive critisism either… 5:… and if I did how much would I work for progress? 6: Talented obviously succeed but do people expect blog comics to be really that good?? * Or diary comics?)

(1: Could it be that comic diaries are good only for maintaining drawing routine? 2: It does improve your perception but other than that it doesn’t help much. Or does it? Does it?? 3: Oh well. This outburst is probably related to the fact that this blog is almost one year old. 4: I’ve updated the blog and churned out a reasonable amount of small prints. But what about this year? Quality? Content? What? 5: I must admit that I haven’t really thought of how I should pursue my career, not once. I just want to draw. But it’s not enough. – With these thoughts my Saturday ends…)

(Comics Festival SUNDAY!! – Jeans and a towel make the best pillow. 1: Today the morning was kinda slow. – Pete let’s go! – *whimper*2: We won’t make it to the Nissinen’s interview, but there’s Manninen’s Steve Ditko analysis- – Wanna go eat something? – YES. 3: We didn’t spot Pirinen or any of the yesterday’s heros, but I still bought one copy of Pirinen’s newest for Miikka. – Here, have this neat postcard! *Varataivas by Anne Muhonen* – signatures are cool but it’s possible to live without.)

(1: Time went by so quickly that I was a little surprised when people started departing towards their homes… *1st arrow: The backpack weighted 6 kilos & 4 hours in a train* *2nd arrow: Whimpered just for the fun of it*- Bye bye, it was nice to see you!  2: Damn, my train leaves in two hours too! 3: I bumped into Karri who was on his way to the ’Comic schools of Finland presented’ interview. -Wanna tag along? To speak? – When? – In 1-2 minutes. 4: That way I met some students from Muurla. – They were alright! 5: Pant! Soon after that I realised that my train was departing in 20 minutes. No ticket and my stuff were still in the locker… I was in a HURRY. 6: Then what? Well, along with the little crisis I got pretty good experiences and equally good comics. 7: The amount of work I did was ok considering how inexperienced I was… Now it’s time for more demanding tasks. We’ll see what I have come up with until next festival. Whew.)

Pienoinen kriisi tosiaan tarttui mukaan. Olen miettinyt mitä tämä blogi tarvitsee oman päiväkirjaotteeni lisäksi, ja miten onnistuisin toteuttamaan sen koulun ohella. Tuo kriisi voi ollakin ehkä parasta mitä festareilta tarttui mukaani, jos sillä saan tarjontaani kehitettyä edes piirun verran eteenpäin.

So I got this little crisis while I was in Helsinki. I’ve been wondering what this blog needs apart from being my own personal diary and how to achieve it with the school distracting me. That crisis just might be the best thing I got from the festival if I know how to use it to make my comics become something a little bit better.

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* Loma // Summer holiday

Kirjoitettu 7.06.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(It’s remarkable how equipments and their state affect on the number of articles on your blog… – Thank you, Tikkanen-sensei!)

Ostin viime lokakuussa itselleni synttärilahjaksi hienon täytettävän sivellintussin. Ongelmana on se, etteivät Suomen markkinoilla myytävät ampullit käy kyseiseen kynämalliin, eikä Tempera, josta kynän ostinkin, myy niitä.  Omistamani neljä ampullia tulivat kynän mukana. Tyhmää/Outoa? Ainoana vaihtoehtona on täyttää tyhjenneet ampullit itse, ja se onnistuikin pienen sähläämisen jälkeen. Ei sillä, että operaatio olis ollut mitenkään vaativa, olen vain sähläri.

Last October I bought myself a refillable brush tip pen as a birthday present. The problem is that you can’t find the required kind of ink cartridges in Finland and Tempera, the store from which I bought the pen doesn’t carry them. The cartridges I have came with the pen. Stupid/Weird? So the only alternative is to fill the empty cartirdges manually and I managed to do that after some minor problems. Not that the operation was difficult at all, I’m just clumsy.

(1: Incoming Week Report 2: The first thing, my current job situation. – I called Tiimari* on last Monday morning and they said they can’t take any trainees since some bloke was fired. They aren’t allowed to take new trainees until after nine months at least. 3: I probably should be pissed but there’s no really bad feelings at all. Job seeking was a whim at the employment office anyway. I have plenty of stuff to do without a job.)

* Tiimari is a Finnish chain that sells crafts supplies, small toys and houselhold objects.

(Diagram for the State of Motivation in TTVO Entrance Examination *The state varies from ’Really wild'(top) to ’Really bad'(bottom)* Monday: – Roar! – Morale was pretty high at first but because of high expectations but by evening it had sunken down to weeping point – I’m Scared!  Tuesday:  On the morning morale was rising thanks to rest and self-cheering -Raah! – However motivation went down again after a rough evening Wednesday: Motivation is sinking… The target questions her choice. Paradoxically she regains her will to fight Thursday:  – They can suck on their balls! – The target went through the last day relaxed after realizing that TTVO isn’t the center of the Universe, it’s not even the center of Finland. The mood improved even more towards the evening, when there was hanging out with friends.)

(1: So now I’m just waiting. They’ll let me know about TTVO by the start of August. About my success on the press production assistant* line will be informed during June.  2: Before that I’ll get some rest and aim to avoid any bad conscious. 3: It should be easy, I get tutored every day on the subject. 4: *whoosh* 5: The Finnish summer is too short anyway!)

* I’m not sure if that’s the real name. Couldn’t find it on dictionary.

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* Viimeinen viikko – Torstai ja Perjantai // The Last Week – Thursday and Friday

Kirjoitettu 22.05.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Pete is our class’ expert on shit. He specializes in old cartoons. 2: From his initiative we have watched The Bluffers, Maxie’s World, Superman… Not to mention Superted…  3: Today it was absolutely necessary to watch ” Barbie in Space” – Want! 4: Success was guaranteed. – This is so SHITTY! 5:  Iiris I gotta have this video! – You can’t, it’s mine. – SELL IT! – No I won’t! – WHY?! – Well I don’t know for fuck sake!)

Torstai vielä meni. Siivoiltiin ja muisteltiin menneitä… Peten takia katsottiin myös vanhoja lasten videoita, joita oli kasaantunut luokan kaappeihin. Perjantaina olikin sitten ihan eri fiilis.

Thursday was still okay. We were cleaning up and recollected the past months… Because of Pete we also watched old children’s videos we had stashed in our class lockers. Friday felt completely different. ** For those who don’t understand why we think so poorly of The Bluffers, I recommend watching clips featuring the Finnish dub on Youtube. **

(1: Today we wacthed more ”The Bluffers”. Eating warm pudding didn’t ease the sensation. 2: Yesterday we destroyed the cardboard poor-man we built for the comic exhibition. Inside it’s arm we collected whopping 41 euros. 3: Then… Friday turned into a sea of tears. – Bye Bye, Kitty… – Bye bye, Super Smash Bros. Brawl sessions… I never learned to play it… – NO! – YES! – Bye bye, Teachers… You were epic. Catch you later… – I really wasn’t supposed to cry my eyes out or draw long good byes… But fuck it, I couldn’t help it, this year has been incredible.)

Bye then, you all.

(1: My frist week is almost over. I have learned that I’m not ready. Not even close.  Since I’m used to being ’a big fish in a small pond’, this bothers me a bit. 2: Being distressed is still a normal part of creative process and is a vital part of growth and development. Therefore I’m am getting ’better’ all the time. 3: I hate beginnings.)

Koska olo oli niin hakea ja niin oudon surullinen, pistän tähän postaukseen loppukevennyksen. Eilen illalla, ennen kuin muutuin angstaavaksi zombiksi, piirsin päihtyneenä ystävieni pyynnöstä Chewbaccan ja sille tyttökaveriksi Shebaccan.

Because I felt so melancholic and strangely sad I end my post with something more lighter. Yesterday night, before I became an angsty zombie, from my friends’ request I drew Chewbacca and his lady friend, Shebacca.

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* Tampere Kuplii 2010

Kirjoitettu 21.03.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

( Tampere Kuplii comics festival 2010, Saturday 20th of March. 1:Regardless fo the fact that there were too many people in one car the trip from Orivesi to Tampere went well. Not one police in sight. *Iiris’ Volvo* 2:  The small prints had been copied and finished the previous evening… 3: … and our class’ own selling booth waited at the Klubi! – SUPER EXCITING! 4:  I was wearing my ’cool’ Phantom-esque skirt. 5: My shift didn’t start until 3 PM so I had lots of free time.  -So where to?)

(1: our teacher Karri led us to Werstas… … quickly… 2: And to the crowded selling areas. 3:  Random time killing ensued for the next few hours. – HUNGRAYH! 4: At last, when we found an interesting lecture* we had to leave in the middle of everything so we could get back to Klubi in time – Ass! *Top 10 weirdest superheroes* 5: Treading in the  rain.)

(1: During our shift a group of readers, of which I didn’t even know  gathered around our table. ”Vagina Dentata” had been selling like hotcakes. 2: I sure hope I don’t get too cocky?  3: My shopping bag was filled with Ville Pirinen’s newest album, Jyrki Nissinen’s ’Auttajahai’ and several small prints… ALL OF THEM ROCK MY SOCKS OFF.  -DEELICIOUS.)

(Sunday the 21st of March. 1: Our selling booth earned us whopping 96 euros and 50 cents! 2: Today’s mission is to spend that money on COMICS. 3: The selling area was a lot more quiet today so the job wasn’t that bad at all *money bag* 4: After 3 hours we were left with 9 euros. 5: Among many others, the shopping bag included the Comics Finlandia 2010 winner’ Eero’ album from Petteri Tikkanen, with an inscription.)

(1: All but two reserved copies of Vagina Dentata were sold out.  Wild! 2:  ’ Lapsiorja’ a.k.a ’Child Slave’ and other prints too were selling nicely. THANK YOU ALL. 3: It’s your help that can make me and all the other students at our class to become noteworthy comic artists. I am grateful.)

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