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* Sairas Oriveden sarjakuvalinjan vuosikurssi ’11-’12 // The twisted class of Orivesi Comics Studio ’11-’12

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(1:  Good morning everyone! – Morning, Seena! 2:  Boy,  it is wonderful to get up and draw some comics!! 3: Way to go, Tuuli! With out your call Seena would have overslept and couldn’t reach her maximum efficiency! – *giggle* No prob! 5: Oh MY!  The sink is full of dishes! I’d better wash them right away! – No, I will! I want to do the dishes! 6: Hahahahahahaha! 7: You guys are repulsive.) 

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* Orivesi-nostalgia iskee jälleen // Orivesi Nostalgia Strikes Again

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Olin jälleen viime viikolla pitämässä lyhyttä sillisalaattikurssia nykyisille sarjakuvalinjalaisille. Outo kaipuu sai taas valtaansa. Onneksi…
Last week I held a short and rather random course for the current students in Oriveden Opisto. I experienced this strong yearning once again. Luckily…

( – So sweet. Kind of has that cult feel to it… – Yay!)

… Se melankolia ei kestänyt kauaa.
The melancholy didn’t last long.

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* Mielenpahoittaja // Upsetter

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Paljon on vettä virrannut Tammerkoskessa sitten viime postauksen… Kolmesta viikosta saan syyttää tätä projektia:

// Plenty of water has passed beneath the Tammerkoski bridge since the previous article… For three weeks I get to blame this project:

”Helkama Nudibranchia”, tai Nudi, on akryyli- ja villalangoista virkattu merietana. Se on suuri taideteos ja sen merkitys yhteiskunnalle huomattava. Sen voi myös pukea päälle. // ”Helkama Nudibranchia” or Nudi for short, is a crocheted sea slug made from wool and acrylic thread. It is a great work of art and it means a lot to our society. Plus, you can wear it on your head.

Lopuista artikkelittomista viikoista on syyttäminen omaa itseäni, taas.  // For the rest weeks without any articles you can blame me, again.

(1: Hey, the results for the art competition have been published. – Really?! 2: WHO has the honor to get their work of art between Stockmann and the Academic Bookstore next summer – Not to mention the 4000 euro budget?! – Which won?! 3: Not ours atleast, sorry! 4: What’s going on here then? – Nnnoooo worriees, we can do this… damn good project it will be, if we just… wonderful subject, weel worth doing…)

Olemme jo sujut tämän asian kanssa. // We are already fine.

(1: Wait a sec, I need to check the time tables… – WHAT, you’re leaving?! – In the evening, yes… We both have school. 2: But you can’t leave today! – Well Miikka is leaving too… 3: Well you see… It’s not that spesific. 4: Oh it isn’t, now?! – Hey~, it’s a good thing right… 5: You just said yesterday-  -Yes, I said so… But then I came here and experienced an enlightment. 6: This is so touching… 7. Oh so NOW you were enlighted!! – What are you shouting about? You wanted to stay as well! – So I did but that’s not the point!!!  (We did have a really good time.))

(2: Hi. – Well Hi. How is Emmi today? 2: These walls irritate so much, mum. 3: The wallpapers have ripped, their colors are ugly and the walls have holes! – So what are you planning to do? – I’m so pissed off I can’t think straight! 4: So… All is well? – Things haven’t been this good in months!)

(1: In the evening I was so concentrated on removing old screws that I forgot to update the blog. 2: Hey Emmi, You really don’t need to roll up the carpets yet, you can’t fix the walls before May, right? – Whah?)

(”I thought that my legs and knees looked handsome.” ”HMPF! What beauty do you see in hairy grown men or their knees?!”)

(”How upset I am”)

Nämä kaksi viimeisintä kuvaa ovat luonnoksia tulevaan Japanpopin sarjakuvaan. Toivottavasti jaksan tehdä siitä niin hyvän kuin vain voin. // The last two sketches are for a four-pager that will be published in the next issue of Japanpop magazine. I hope I have the strenght and time to draw it as good as I possibly can.

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* Hyvitys // Compensation

Kirjoitettu 21.11.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Oh, how appropriate it is to be this useless as ’the blog of the month’, heh heh… 2: Although I have been really busy at school, a terrible mess with the ending of this period. And I didn’t have the time to draw during the Orivesi gig, it was all work you see with long distances. Christ what a hurry! 3: And then there was- 4: Okay, it’s compensation time!)

(2: Damn, I have such a strange feeling again. 4: Want a big apple? – … yeah… 5: Catch! – Thanks! 10: This isn’t our class anymore. – Morning… What are we gonna do today? – Work like hell!)

Teille, jotka ette tunnista Oriveden oppilaita: alarivin vasemmanpuoleisimmassa ruudussa on oman vuosikurssini oppilaita, viimeisessä nykyisiä. Olihan se alkuun hyvin erikoista, mutta nyt olen tottunut ajatukseen, että vanhassa sarjakuvaluokassa on nyt uusi jengi ja uusi fiilis. Hyviä tyyppejä olivat, voitte odottaa heiltä hyviä tarinoita. Helmi-Maaliskuussa pidetään bileet vanhoille oppilaille ja hermoilen jo valmiiksi onnistunko pilaamaan sen pienen määrän auktoriteettia, jonka onnistuin rakentamaan tuon viikon aikana.

For those who don’t recognise the people in this comic: in the last rows left side panel has my classmates, the last panel introduces the new students. At first it was very strange, the old classroom belongs to a new gang and has other vibes but I’m used to it now. They were okay and you can expect good stories from them. There’s a party for the old students in February or March and I’m already worried if manage to ruin the little crumbles of authority I succeeded to built during that week.

Luonnoskirjasta // From the Sketch Book

(”I can’t have a copy of Alibi?!” The world of your youth is gone)

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* Vapaa Seinä -vuodatus // The Free Wall wailing

Kirjoitettu 6.11.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: The Free Wall Day! -Sorry I’m a bit late! Had to loot some books for the Orivesi gig! *pant* -Yea yea, go and fetch your bilboard! – Where are the markers?! 2: Action! 3: Action..? – Hey wanna write- – Hey- 4: Fancy-asses! 5: – I can. All I’ve ever wanted to do is to write on walls. – Well GOOD! 6: – It’s cool. – Well it could have gone worse. But where were the 100 poster sticking guys who liked us on Facebook?)

Läksyt // Homework

(For the rest of the evening I surfed through Comics Class’ current student’s blogs. 1: Marko, Pirita, Pirjo, Minna… I wonder if I can learn these in time..? 3: Oh how TALENTED! Your sensei-to-be is so proud of you! – The excellence oozes through my screen! 4: Seriously, I’m not gonna demand these guys to think me as some ’sensei’. I’m more of a tutor, I guess. 6: Besides… It would be a bit twisted if the sensei’s pupils were more talented than her!)

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* Open pikakoulutus // Teacher’s speed training

Kirjoitettu 4.11.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Yesterday when planning next week’s gig in Orivesi I met Karri… 2: Do you mind if I draw? – Yeah, not at all 3: How you received any comments, what the current student’s are like? – Nno, not really… On the other hand I’ve been on the move a lot for the past few weeks.4: They are a bit more restless than you were. Some days are a bit slim on the class participations. – Hm. 5: What’s your approach? – (There.) My teaching is purely based on the mistakes I and the others made. I even got their permission. 6: A good starting point… – To be honest I have nothing else so far. 7: You have some who are more experienced, right? – There’s a couple of experienced ones, the other one’s almost my age. They both have their visions. 8: I think I have a ’mild’ credibility problem when I get there. *You bet with that hairdo*- Naaah, just relax your wrist and you’ll do fine.)

Pyöritän siis viikon kurssia, jossa aloitetaan porukalla pitkän sarjakuvan suunnittelu. Koska en ole mikään erityisen kokenut tai suuri visionääri, voin pohjata opetuksen vain omiin ja muiden epäonnistumisiin. Epäonnistuminen on kuitenkin erinomainen opettaja, eikä sitä pitäisi aliarvioida. Toivottavasti kaikki menee hyvin, ja todellakin toivon että jengi jaksaa tehdä töitä loppuun asti.

So I’m supervising a week long course where we begin to plan the long comic project. Because I’m not that experienced or a great visionnaire, the base for my teaching is on my and the other students’ failures. However failure is an excellent teacher and one shouldn’t underestimate it. I hope everything goes well and truly hope the guys keep working to the end.

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* Perusasiat kuntoon // Back to Basics

Kirjoitettu 28.10.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: I was fixing a banner image for my blog. 2: You see Karvablögi was picked as November’s the Comic Blog of the Month, which is really nice.)

Saatan kehittää ehkä jotain parempaa… // I might come up with something better…

(1: This and a couple of other things have made me think… – Again. 2: My Blog’s ”new look” I’ve been raving about has kind of back fired… Instead of that new and meaningful content I don’t even have the ’old stuff” anymore… 3: I’m going to Orivesi next month to teach and it’s pretty embarrasing to explain: -Hey teach, why do you update your blog only once a week? Are you busy with school? *guilt* -Uhhh… 4: The hell with the ’sharp analyses’. I’ll keep up with the old style, until transition is natural. *slurp* – Mmm, delicious.)

Yritin kovasti olla yhteiskunnallisesti kantaa ottava ja tarjota ihan kaikkea muuta kuin sitä tavallista päiväkirjamerkintää. Kuten jo aiemmin mainitsin, uudistuksella oli päinvastainen vaikutus ja blogini on hiljentynyt. Ihan näin ei pitänyt käydä.

En minä täysin hylkää ideaa laajemmasta tarjonnasta, mutta annan sille ehkä pienemmän painoarvon. Sitä tulee, jos on tullakseen, pääpaino on päiväkirjamerkinnöillä. Saa nähdä kuinka tiuhaan niitä tulee, sillä kyllä koulussakin on jonkin verran työtä.

I tried so hard to be aware of things happening in our society and tried to offer everything else except the old comic journal entries. As I mentioned earlier, the update had an opposite effect and my blog has quieted down. Not exactly what was supposed to happen.

I’m not gonna abandon the ’other content’  idea completely, but I guess I’ll give it little less space. If I come up with anything, good, but the journal entries have the main stage. We’ll see how often I draw them because I do have some work to do for school.

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* Uusi järjestys / A New World Order

Kirjoitettu 10.08.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1:Yeah, hi busters. It’s been a while. 2: Taking that spontaneous break did good for me – but wait a sec I gotta switch ink wells, this one smells outrageous. 3: Let’s have Pelikan, that’s good… Shanghai has a really strong odor although I just bought it? 4: *Scrub scrub scrub* 5: There! 6: So what’s going on.. I made it to TTVO.  School starts on 17th. I’m a bit nervous.  I have been traveling with my buddies from the academy because we might not see each other again too soon. There’s this one trip to the local pub Sarianne we have to make… )

(1: I even found an apartment when one of my academy buddies stated he needed someone to move into his flat as he moves out to Kokkola. 2: Life changes radically this fall – just like it changed last year when I moved to Orivesi. Still… 3:  … this is completely different. 4: After spending a whole school year doing the most relevant thing imaginable – comics – it’s no longer easy to surrender yourself to be taught by teachers of other media. – Of course it’s worth to try everything but you know what I mean.  5: To be honest I don’t agree with some of their views about art or learning. 6: I could be wrong of course. That’s why I chose to go studying. To try. *sucker* 7: But that place ain’t Orivesi. That era is over.)

(1: I drew that comic yesterday when I grew tired of the idleness that has been going on for weeks. 2: Summer has been full of stories that might have turned into pretty decent comics… 3: … good and pretty unpleasant ones too. 4: Maybe with my new strenght I manage to deliver them to you too. That is all.)

Lopetan lomani suhteellisen pliisulla tilanneraportilla. Kouluhan minua huolettaa, vaikka toistuvasti saankin kuulla että hyvin se menee. Jos ei mene, häivyn sieltä ja opettajat saavat imeä säkkejään. Se olisikin helpoin vaihtoehto, jos olisin totaalisen eri mieltä opettajien kanssa. Pelkäänkin ehkä eniten, että lähden typerään menestyskilpailuun kuten lukion alussa. Kestin sitä menoa vuoden ja olin sitten sairaalakunnossa. Olisinkohan  nyt viisaampi?

I end my break with a rather lame status report. Of course I’m worried about the school although people constantly tell me I’m going to be fine. If it doesn’t, I’ ll blow that joint and theachers can suck on their dingleberries. That would be the easiest scenario, disagreeing with the teachers 100 percent. Perhaps my biggest fear is that I start this stupid success competition like I did on my freshman year in high school. I could take it for one year and then it was six months hospital care for me. Am I wiser now?

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* Viimeinen viikko – Torstai ja Perjantai // The Last Week – Thursday and Friday

Kirjoitettu 22.05.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Pete is our class’ expert on shit. He specializes in old cartoons. 2: From his initiative we have watched The Bluffers, Maxie’s World, Superman… Not to mention Superted…  3: Today it was absolutely necessary to watch ” Barbie in Space” – Want! 4: Success was guaranteed. – This is so SHITTY! 5:  Iiris I gotta have this video! – You can’t, it’s mine. – SELL IT! – No I won’t! – WHY?! – Well I don’t know for fuck sake!)

Torstai vielä meni. Siivoiltiin ja muisteltiin menneitä… Peten takia katsottiin myös vanhoja lasten videoita, joita oli kasaantunut luokan kaappeihin. Perjantaina olikin sitten ihan eri fiilis.

Thursday was still okay. We were cleaning up and recollected the past months… Because of Pete we also watched old children’s videos we had stashed in our class lockers. Friday felt completely different. ** For those who don’t understand why we think so poorly of The Bluffers, I recommend watching clips featuring the Finnish dub on Youtube. **

(1: Today we wacthed more ”The Bluffers”. Eating warm pudding didn’t ease the sensation. 2: Yesterday we destroyed the cardboard poor-man we built for the comic exhibition. Inside it’s arm we collected whopping 41 euros. 3: Then… Friday turned into a sea of tears. – Bye Bye, Kitty… – Bye bye, Super Smash Bros. Brawl sessions… I never learned to play it… – NO! – YES! – Bye bye, Teachers… You were epic. Catch you later… – I really wasn’t supposed to cry my eyes out or draw long good byes… But fuck it, I couldn’t help it, this year has been incredible.)

Bye then, you all.

(1: My frist week is almost over. I have learned that I’m not ready. Not even close.  Since I’m used to being ’a big fish in a small pond’, this bothers me a bit. 2: Being distressed is still a normal part of creative process and is a vital part of growth and development. Therefore I’m am getting ’better’ all the time. 3: I hate beginnings.)

Koska olo oli niin hakea ja niin oudon surullinen, pistän tähän postaukseen loppukevennyksen. Eilen illalla, ennen kuin muutuin angstaavaksi zombiksi, piirsin päihtyneenä ystävieni pyynnöstä Chewbaccan ja sille tyttökaveriksi Shebaccan.

Because I felt so melancholic and strangely sad I end my post with something more lighter. Yesterday night, before I became an angsty zombie, from my friends’ request I drew Chewbacca and his lady friend, Shebacca.

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* Viimeinen viikko – Keskiviikko // The Last Week – Wednesday

Kirjoitettu 20.05.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(Tonight we objected adulthood passiveness  for the last time… 1:  Super dolled up! 5: Danciing!)

(1: Hm? 2: Oh no…! *I’m not really a leftie*3: The pointless shadows and additional lines of over compensation! *scrap scrap scrap*)

Vuoden alussa minua vaivasi yliampuvat varjostukset ja liiallinen viivankäyttö. Siitäkin päästiin eroon, kunhan jaksoin harjoitella.

Nyt oikeasti pitäisi mennä nukkumaan, aamu sarastaa jo.

In the beginning I was really bothered by my tendency to over shadow and filling my pages with too many lines. I got rid of that habit too, with practise.

Now I really should go to bed, it’s almost dawn.

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