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* Mulla oli joskus hyvä heittokäsi // I used to be good at this

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( 1: This happened on one Midsummer Eve…  7: – Oh, lawdy… Emmi do you know what sports would suit you like fist in the face? – Hahahaha… Okay wow!  – … well? 8: Kyuudou. It’s not important to hit the target, it’s the purity and harmony of movement that matters! 10: YOU DEVIL!!)

( – Oh darling! A new flourishing era of Kyuudo is going to start with you! – Eat shit.)

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* Hyvää juhannusta! // Happy Midsummer!

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* Juhannussekoitus // A Midsummer medley

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(– NO! DON’T!!  – What? – Helicopter causes hurricanes in San Fransisco.)

(1: You can pass out in a good way… 2: … or pass out with STYLE. – GET OUT!)

(Oh, so you played the ’Draw & Guess’ game? -YEAH!)

(Testing the Bug Spray Pentagram – If I want to go fishing, I go fishing, God damnit!)

(– Aw damnit, it’s raining. – Yay, it’s raining!)

(- Are you spacing out? – Nope. I have a PROJECT. – What are you doing then? – I’m opening these pods and picking the peas on this plate.)

Herra Mahtava. Piirrä & Arvaa pelin lehtiössä oli jonkun tyypin piirtämä tyyppi, joka oli sikamahtava. Koska se oli niin mahtava, piirsin siitä oman versioni ja annoin sille nimeksi Herra Mahtava.

(Mr. Awesome. Some guy had drawn this guy in the ’Draw & Guess’ game’s sketch book and he was awesome. Because he was so awesome, I drew my version of him and gave him the name Mr. Awesome.)


Armoton hyttysten tappaja // The Merciless Mosquito Killer

(The Saturday evening turned into night… There’s still time for a PARTY)

(And it was good, because on the way back home… – OH YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING JOKING! – No worries, we still have some food in the bags.)

(This was possibly one the best Midsummers I’ve ever had.)

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* Ennen lämmintä valkoviiniä // Before the warm white wine

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(1: I’m sorry for not updating, again. *Off you go now!* 2- Actually I would have skipped today as well but I wanted to wish you a good Midsummer. 3: This girl will disappear to Juupajoki. Maybe I’ll bring yousomething NICE.)

(Happy Midsummer!)

Mitä tuohon käännökseen edes kannattaisi laittaa. Merry ei tunnu hyvältä, Good on pelkästään outo mutta ei Happy ole sen kummoisempi. No, eiköhän se palvele tarkoitustaan. Tällä kertaa yritän muistaa ottaa useampia kyniä mukaan, jos sivellinkynä alkaa kenkkuilla. Säiliön hellä naputtelu ja puristelu pitäisi tehota, mutta jos sössin taas jotenkin, on ainakin jotakin jolla dokumentoida. Pitää ihmiset hauska juhannus, älkää antako itikoiden tai sään häiritä, älkääkä hukkuko.

I’m not even sure what to write as translation. Merry Midsummer doesn’t sound right, Good is just plain weird and Happy is just as odd. I suppose it serves it’s purpose well enough. This time I try to remember to take enough pens with me in case the brush tip pen starts to act weird on me again. Tapping and squeezing the cartridge gently should do it but if I mess things up again I have something to document with.  Have a good Midsummer everyone, don’t let the bugs or the weather bother you and don’t get drowned.

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