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* Helsingin Sarjakuvafestarit 2013 // Helsinki Comics Festival 2013

Kirjoitettu 11.09.2013 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.



(1: The festival weekend sure began well. 2: Sleepy. 3: Luckily I can doze off in the bus once I get that far. 4: Too bad the aliens had abducted the stairs of my neighborhood’s crazy steep hill at some point without me noticing it.)


(1: Admittedly I hadn’t thought of this when planning my schedule. 2: There is a another way to the top but it takes too much time. The hill is steep and my backpack is heavy. It’s dark. 3: I can’t go out there in the middle of rocks, trees and pits! *They had cut down plenty of trees as well* 5: Well for fuck’s sake!)


(1: The bus! *wheeze* *pant* 2: I made it to Helsinki though. *Helsinki hipster* 3: – Oh so you’re having that one? – Hungries! 4: So I decided to sit down at the train station to eat and wait a while before I’d head to the Sarjakuvakeskus. Until.. 5: Hey you!)


(1: – Yes? – Did you know that your legs are exactly the same color as black boxes in airplanes? 2: He meant these.
3: This guy was also talking the Turku dialect with an Estonian accent. My brains are so heavily influenced by Tampere that I couldn’t replicate that babbling, so in this comic they kind of make sense.  – They are not black after all! 4: Ah, okay. Didn’t know that.
5: After a couple of other fun facts it was best to continue my way to Sarjakuvakeskus. The two heroes bid me farewell: – Hey if someone is trying to fuck you around just tell you have two friends in Turku who will kick his ass!!)


(1: I tend to attract these eccentric (drunken) personalities and that was not the last encounter. – I’m too nice. 2: But hey, at the Sarjakuvakeskus I got more information about contracts, grants and publishers and ever before! YEAH!* 3: In the evening it was perfectly justified to go party at the Perkeros publishing party! DOUBLE YEAH!
4: We naturally paid respect to JP – Just a bit tired and a bit of sniffles going on. 5: I also accidentally hugged my boss, who had injured his sternum pretty badly, way too hard. – Roller derby is a sport for true men! – I’m sorry! 6: I also bonded with Anni Nykänen. – Oh my! – Giggle! 7: And I had an awesome time! Congratulations once more, JP!)



(Random sketches from the party)

(Master Anni is all too modest: – Oh my! Emmi’s sketchbook! Pressure, pressure… Ooh dear.. – Oh my!)

(1: The Staurday was a pretty typical festival day. Throwing myself to the foreign publishers… – Hello~ *Nobrow’s table* 2: … and did some Oubapo tasks with Matt Madden. 3: In the end we took photos of the pages and showed it to the audience. 4: One ”old” sensei had also showed up all the way from Denmark! – Hullo <3)

(1: Later in the evening at the party, or actually throughout the entire day I had this feeling that something had changed. – Gosh! 2: I’m no longer some dweeb in the corner, far from the action. I found myself a bit closer to the center of things. – Oh hey I guess I have read that book of yours! 3: I felt this pressure inside me, even pain. I even felt a bit sick. – Wow. 4: But that was just my periods that had started 6 days too early. – Eugh.)

(1: Sunday was already more quiet, my dear bosses were in not-so-good battle condition after the exhausting weekend and some people had already left the previous night. – You won’t be having that winter and death just yet! – We really should. 2: I too was quietly leaving. 3: Thank you my dear friends and colleagues. This festival was nothing like before. Even better than the very first one I attended. My most humble thanks.)

Ettei nyt mene ihan liian nössöksi tämä niin tässä pieni loppukevennys. Löytyi luonnoskirjasta, kuka tunnustaa?

// Just to make sure things won’t get too sappy, so here’s a little lighter side for the ending. I found this on my sketchbook, who was it?

* 4. sivun Sarjiskeskus-kohtaan liittyen – kyseessähän ei ollut Sarjakuvakeskuksen kurssi tai festarin ohjelmanumero vaan antologiaprojektin kokous. Joskin tämä ihan hyvin voisi olla keskuksella järjestettävä kurssi, vink vink!

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* Niin mitäköhän silloin viikonloppuna tapahtui // Not sure what happened last weekend

Kirjoitettu 12.09.2012 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

Entä jos kaikki menee päin helvettiä? // What if everything goes to shits?

Don’t hesitate, child!


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* Helsingin Sarjakuvafestivaalit 2012 // Helsinki Comics Festival 2012

Kirjoitettu 20.08.2012 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.


 Perjantai 7.9. 18:00–19:00 Itse piirretty elämä – Omaelämäkerrallinen sarjakuva

Lauantai 8.9. 13:00–13:45 Emmi Nieminen



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* Vagina Dentataa Helsingin Sarjakuvafestareilla

Kirjoitettu 15.09.2011 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

terveiset kiireen ja säädön keskeltä.

En ole itse myymässä tuotoksiani Helsingissä tänä vuonna näyttelykiireiden takia, mutta Kumiorava Kustannuksen pöydältä löytyy yhteensä 20 läpyskää Vagina Dentataa, arviolta 5-6 euroa kappale. Ostakaa ostakaa!

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* Sarjakuvafestivaalit 11.-12.9. // Helsinki comics festival 11.-12.9.

Kirjoitettu 13.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(Comic Festivals! Saturday… 3: I have the itch that I’m not gonna win anything. It doesn’t make me that sad, though…  4: I wonder where all the others are? 6: Okay now I’m nervous)

(1: Didn’t win any places. 2: Kinda saw it coming but it still ’hit’ me. 3: A new try next year? – Oof! 4: It’s okay, Auntie Kylli competition makes me feel better. – Where’s my tooth?! )

Hekumallinen kuva, jonka piirsin Suomi-Ruotsi-maaottelun inspiroimana. Magneettiseen kielilukkoon antautuivat Ville Pirinen ja Kolbeinn Karlsson (sain molempien nimmarit!). Alempana Black Peiderin nimmari herkullisena yksityiskohtana.

The Finland vs Sweden match inspired me to draw this lustful picture. This magnetic tongue lock features Ville Pirinen and Kolbeinn Karlsson (got their autographs!). The lower signature belongs to Black Peider (Petteri Tikkanen) and serves as a delicious little detail.

(*remember that in my notebook the arrow points to the Ville x Kolbeinn picture* 1: I just creamed myself! BUT… 2: I overheard a small fragment of a comic  blog panel conversation – Comic blogs don’t get muc constructive criticism concerning the quality… 3: … and those who comment are usually people the blogger is already familiar with. 4: I’ve noticed this myself. Outsider commentors are a rarity. I haven’t received that much constructive critisism either… 5:… and if I did how much would I work for progress? 6: Talented obviously succeed but do people expect blog comics to be really that good?? * Or diary comics?)

(1: Could it be that comic diaries are good only for maintaining drawing routine? 2: It does improve your perception but other than that it doesn’t help much. Or does it? Does it?? 3: Oh well. This outburst is probably related to the fact that this blog is almost one year old. 4: I’ve updated the blog and churned out a reasonable amount of small prints. But what about this year? Quality? Content? What? 5: I must admit that I haven’t really thought of how I should pursue my career, not once. I just want to draw. But it’s not enough. – With these thoughts my Saturday ends…)

(Comics Festival SUNDAY!! – Jeans and a towel make the best pillow. 1: Today the morning was kinda slow. – Pete let’s go! – *whimper*2: We won’t make it to the Nissinen’s interview, but there’s Manninen’s Steve Ditko analysis- – Wanna go eat something? – YES. 3: We didn’t spot Pirinen or any of the yesterday’s heros, but I still bought one copy of Pirinen’s newest for Miikka. – Here, have this neat postcard! *Varataivas by Anne Muhonen* – signatures are cool but it’s possible to live without.)

(1: Time went by so quickly that I was a little surprised when people started departing towards their homes… *1st arrow: The backpack weighted 6 kilos & 4 hours in a train* *2nd arrow: Whimpered just for the fun of it*- Bye bye, it was nice to see you!  2: Damn, my train leaves in two hours too! 3: I bumped into Karri who was on his way to the ’Comic schools of Finland presented’ interview. -Wanna tag along? To speak? – When? – In 1-2 minutes. 4: That way I met some students from Muurla. – They were alright! 5: Pant! Soon after that I realised that my train was departing in 20 minutes. No ticket and my stuff were still in the locker… I was in a HURRY. 6: Then what? Well, along with the little crisis I got pretty good experiences and equally good comics. 7: The amount of work I did was ok considering how inexperienced I was… Now it’s time for more demanding tasks. We’ll see what I have come up with until next festival. Whew.)

Pienoinen kriisi tosiaan tarttui mukaan. Olen miettinyt mitä tämä blogi tarvitsee oman päiväkirjaotteeni lisäksi, ja miten onnistuisin toteuttamaan sen koulun ohella. Tuo kriisi voi ollakin ehkä parasta mitä festareilta tarttui mukaani, jos sillä saan tarjontaani kehitettyä edes piirun verran eteenpäin.

So I got this little crisis while I was in Helsinki. I’ve been wondering what this blog needs apart from being my own personal diary and how to achieve it with the school distracting me. That crisis just might be the best thing I got from the festival if I know how to use it to make my comics become something a little bit better.

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