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* Karvan ihmeellinen ja vaarallinen Matka Dubliniin / Karva’s trip to Dublin full of wonders and peril

Kirjoitettu 5.08.2013 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(Come to Ireland and I’ll come to Finland.)


(Well why the fuck not)

( 2: Well this fucking sucks. 3: Dublin better be awesome. 4: Well, it is.)


(Now, how is this relevant in any way: the thing is that Emmi has never traveled abroad alone. So far Emmi has been too afraid to actually go anywhere. In general Emmi fears everything that could change her life in some unexpected way. – ”I wonder if I’m gonna die?”)

(I wasn’t all on my own, a proud native friend promised to be my guide. We shall call him G. – ”This is a nice place and everything but this summer has been the hottest in decades.” )

(Because G is a normal person with a real, grown-up job I got to circle around Dublin as I pleased)

(Maybe I won’t die here after all.)

(And I didn’t. Those four days went by in a bubble I had never experienced before, unfortunately quickly as well.)

(1: Suddenly it was the night before the flight back home. 2: Has Dublin been as you imagined it? 3: I dunno. Better. 5: I can walk you back to the hostel. – Thanks.)




 (1: Do you want to come and visit Finland? – Sure, why not. 2. Show me the best action in Tampere then. – Heh, yeah. 3: Anyway, I need to catch my bus. You should be in bed too. – Oh yeah, delicious 4 hour sleep. 4: Have a good journey! – Bye.)


(1: Around 4:35 AM: – Where the fuck was that bus stop? 2: And could that nice man stop following me..? 3: Help!! 4: Oh THANK YOU!)


(Welcome back home!)

(Even though this trip destroyed my fear of traveling alone it created a new one. There is a strange and tempting world outside Finland to be explored. It’s scary because now I can’t ignore this fact any longer.  This time fear is not alone, but is accompanied by curiosity and enthusiasm.)

(Wow, this ending is some serious Lord of the Rings shit. – I know right?! I have no idea how I should feel!)

No niin kultamussukat. Kun jaksoitte tätä angstia lukea näinkin pitkälle niin saatte ihan matkalle piirrettyjä tyhmyyksiäkin katella.
Et sillee.
Well honey boo boos. Now that you managed to get through the angst you can stare at some idiotic scenes I drew while I was in Dublin. Just so you know.

Paikallisia, jotka olivat samalla ällistyttävän suomalaisia // The astoundingly Finnish locals of Dublin


Perkeleellisen isoja lokkeja jo teineinä// The local seagulls were huge as hell even as teenagers

Sikäläiset kerjäläiset olivat ihan kotimaista tuotantoa // Local beggars were 100% domestic

 Laps-parka // Poor child

Dublinin ainoa virheostos. Tacon ja calzonen yhdistelmä, joka poltti suun ja jätti kylmäksi. Näytti paistetulta jättiläisetanalta. // The only bad investment in Dublin. Taco and calzone combined, burned my mouth and left me cold. Looked like a fried giant slug.)


Siinäs kuulitte. On Dublin aika hieno paikka ja koettavaa riittää reilusti yli neljän päivän. Koska niin paljon jäi vielä kokematta on hyvinkin mahdollista että vierailen Vihreällä Saarella toisenkin kerran.
//There you have it. Dublin is a pretty awesome place and there’s plenty to experience, more than you can have in 4 days. Because I missed out on so many things it’s very likely that I visit the Green Island a second time. 

EDIT: Koska 9. ja 10. sivu olivat ihan pirun pieniä niin tein niistä tuollaisia Frankensteinin hirviöitä. Nauttikaa.
// Because the 9th and 10th page were so effing small I turned them into these Frankenstein’s monsters. Enjoy. 

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