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* Ernon seksuaaliset tunnontuskat // Erno’s sexual feel bad

Kirjoitettu 6.05.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(My life is totally messed up. 1: Six months ago I went to Tampere to see Amoral’s and Sonata Artica’s gig. 2: In the beer queue some guy came from behind and grapped my crotch. It was Ari Koivunen.)

(1: I can’t look at Pamela anymore. She knows. – Queer! 2: I also can’t eat meat balls anymore especially if they’re touching each other. – I’m not hungry. 3: I had a dream about beautiful hands and they carressed me. They we’re guys’ hands. I felt beautiful.)

(1: My folks don’t understand anything unless it’s about farming, The Dating Game or Tapani Kansa – Hi son – Erno put on your boots! 2: No point considering my sister – You stink. 3: Let’s go pick up chicks tomorrow!! – How about no. 4: Yesterday I decided to write to a reader’s questions column at a local paper and ask for advice.)

(1: I hid the letter inside my pillow. 6: The future is terrifying and beautiful.)
Lainasin tänään tyyliä Esther Pearl Watsonin Unlovable -alpparista. Älyttömän siistiä kamaa, etsikää se käsiinne. Tämä jatko-osa on tehtävä Mari Ahokoivun hahmosuunnittelukurssilta.

Today I borrowed Esther Pearl Watson’s style from the graphic novel Unlovable. Awesome stuff, go get it. This sequel is an assignment from Mari Ahokoivu’s character designing course.

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* Hiljaisuuden jälkeen // After the Silence

Kirjoitettu 5.05.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(2: Aaaaaa… 3:  Splutch! 5: Now that I  have  had enough adventure… 6: I guess I can  return to normal life and draw  again.)

Ari Koivusen kiveskourintaseikkailu // The testicle groping adventure of Ari Koivunen

(3: Ffuck… That goddamn Remu sure thinksh… Doesn’t  know how to sing and definitely not how to play… Fuck I’m a bigger rock star than he is! 4: I’m  Ari Koivunen, bitches! What is he, what is he… 5: Fffffuckk…)

(1: Fffucking gipsyh… 2: … Could you please take off your hand?)

(Can I buy you a beer..? – No thank you.)

Yllä oleva sarjakuva on peräisin Ville Pirisen taidesarjakuvakurssilta.  Tässä tehtävässä ei tarvinnut olla erityisen taiteellinen, kunhan vain teki hommansa hyvin.  Ari Koivusen kiveskourintajuttu perustuu muuten tositapahtumiin – miltä osin, parempi etten kerro.

The comic above was drawn on Ville Pirinen’s art comics course. This assignment didn’t require super artsy stuff as long it was written and drawn well. The testicle groping thing is actually based on a true story – in which parts, it’s better if I don’t say.

For those who don’t know, Ari Koivunen is a finnish Idols winner and a heavy metal singer. At the moment he is the lead singer of  band Amoral – However Koivunen is better known for his boastful attitude, gambling depts, speeding tickets and boozing, not to mention his hatred towards a finnish rock legend Remu Aaltonen.

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