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* Viimeinen viikko – Torstai ja Perjantai // The Last Week – Thursday and Friday

Kirjoitettu 22.05.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Pete is our class’ expert on shit. He specializes in old cartoons. 2: From his initiative we have watched The Bluffers, Maxie’s World, Superman… Not to mention Superted…  3: Today it was absolutely necessary to watch ” Barbie in Space” – Want! 4: Success was guaranteed. – This is so SHITTY! 5:  Iiris I gotta have this video! – You can’t, it’s mine. – SELL IT! – No I won’t! – WHY?! – Well I don’t know for fuck sake!)

Torstai vielä meni. Siivoiltiin ja muisteltiin menneitä… Peten takia katsottiin myös vanhoja lasten videoita, joita oli kasaantunut luokan kaappeihin. Perjantaina olikin sitten ihan eri fiilis.

Thursday was still okay. We were cleaning up and recollected the past months… Because of Pete we also watched old children’s videos we had stashed in our class lockers. Friday felt completely different. ** For those who don’t understand why we think so poorly of The Bluffers, I recommend watching clips featuring the Finnish dub on Youtube. **

(1: Today we wacthed more ”The Bluffers”. Eating warm pudding didn’t ease the sensation. 2: Yesterday we destroyed the cardboard poor-man we built for the comic exhibition. Inside it’s arm we collected whopping 41 euros. 3: Then… Friday turned into a sea of tears. – Bye Bye, Kitty… – Bye bye, Super Smash Bros. Brawl sessions… I never learned to play it… – NO! – YES! – Bye bye, Teachers… You were epic. Catch you later… – I really wasn’t supposed to cry my eyes out or draw long good byes… But fuck it, I couldn’t help it, this year has been incredible.)

Bye then, you all.

(1: My frist week is almost over. I have learned that I’m not ready. Not even close.  Since I’m used to being ’a big fish in a small pond’, this bothers me a bit. 2: Being distressed is still a normal part of creative process and is a vital part of growth and development. Therefore I’m am getting ’better’ all the time. 3: I hate beginnings.)

Koska olo oli niin hakea ja niin oudon surullinen, pistän tähän postaukseen loppukevennyksen. Eilen illalla, ennen kuin muutuin angstaavaksi zombiksi, piirsin päihtyneenä ystävieni pyynnöstä Chewbaccan ja sille tyttökaveriksi Shebaccan.

Because I felt so melancholic and strangely sad I end my post with something more lighter. Yesterday night, before I became an angsty zombie, from my friends’ request I drew Chewbacca and his lady friend, Shebacca.

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* Kusen laskeminen päästä

Kirjoitettu 23.02.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Watching and commenting bad movies has become a popular hobby for our class. 2: Dark Wolf, Wishmaster, Loch Ness Terror, etcetera. 3: Bad stuff does make you laugh. 4: A sorry excuse of a plot, superficial characters, unintentional comedy… 5: It’s all fun until realizing that you suck even more as a storyteller.)

Mä inisen niin kauan kun mulla on ylipäätään inistävää. En tiedä johtuuko se siitä, että mä olen tuijotellut tuota sarjakuvaa liian kauan, vai siitä virheestä että ylipäätään tein itselleni tuntemattomasta aiheesta sarjakuvan, mutta usko projektiini vähenee päivä päivältä.  Epäkohteliasta inistä, koska moni on jo kehunut sarjakuvaani. Seuraavaksi Aapo Rapi lukee sen, mikä pelottaa ns. sikana.

Sattuu, mutta on hyödyllistä. Mä opin koko ajan.

I’m gonna whine as long as I have something to whine about. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been staring at my project too long or because I did the mistake of drawing a comic about subject unknown to me, but my trust on this comic has decreased dramatically. It’s unpolite to whine, since I’ve received many compliments on it. The next person to read it is Aapo Rapi, which makes me ’shit bricks’.

It hurts, but it’s useful. I’m learning all the time.

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