Kuukausiarkisto joulukuu, 2013

* Niin että hyvää joulua vain // Happy Holidays and so forth

Kirjoitettu 23.12.2013 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.



(1: Gosh darn! And here we are again, another year has passed… You might have figured out from the number or posts that updates about my life were not the priority in 2013. This is just how it goes sometimes.
2: But hey, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything at all! After almost 4 years in Tampere University of Applied Sciences it’s soon the time to graduate. Our graduation exhibition is held on 29th of March to 14th of April in TR1 Kunsthalle and Mältinranta artcenter in Tampere. Crazy! )



(1: On top of that the ”Tarinoita Takomassa” comics anthology project is taking us to the Fumetto comics festival next Spring. And now you’ll stop that fucking whining! IT’S CHRISTMAS! – Owww! *sob* *weep* 2: 2013 has been a pretty exciting year but to be honest I’m quite pleased it’s soon over. Soon we’ll see what 2014 will bring.
3: Oh well. It’s not like I have anything to grieve either. 4: Instead one could enjoy the couple days off, eating and movies! ( As if there wasn’t enough of the last two already))





(So have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!)