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* Nenäsuihkeaddiktioni // My Nasal Spray Addiction

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(1: Right, so how long was I addicted to nasal spray? 4: About five years. 5: Then again, I really needed that spray. 6: The spiral of course made it worse. In five year’s time, anyway. 7: I read it in the Internets that I should get myself a nasal inhaler stick for the stuffy nose ( and cold turkey). Snout should be covered with a blanket, so that breating through mouth wouldn’t dry my mucosa out.) 

(1: Somehow in one week my solid block of a nose turned into a well performing air conditioning vent. 2: Gosh! If I had known how quickly this addiction could be won I would have done it a lot earlier! 3: Now all I need to do is to stay healthy so that the addiction won’t start again! 4: AAACHOO! 5: Sowwy.)

Oli muuten jännä huomata, miten yleistä tää on. Ihmiset tuppaa käyttämään nenäsuihketta milloin mihinkin oireisiin ja paljon pidempään kuin sen suositellun max. 10 päivän ajan. //
I was also surpirsed how common this is. People in general tend to use nasal spray for all kinds of symptoms and a lot longer than the recommended max. 10 day periods. 

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