Kuukausiarkisto toukokuu, 2012

* Vagina Dentata Avengers

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(1: Alrighty! It’s time for the Vagina Dentata improvement project! ( Good paper!) 2: The project will last entire summer, because this 2-year-old comic has a lot of beauty flaws that are really an eye sore – It’s no wonder though, this one is my first long comic and the joy of making it fluctuated greatly and often… 3: Oh yeah, and I’m planning to make a new ending. (In my opinion), one of the biggest flaws in VD is that the ending is so confusing and clumsy. (Is Patrik supposed to be afraid of vaginas, women or comics?) 4: Well… I just gotta stay focused on the work and stay modest in the  face of my own imperfections… 5: Enough!)


( 1: – Now who the hell are you? – You are beneath me! 2: I am an artist and everything I do is perfect, you dull creature! 3: I will not be bullied by -)

(3: Puny artist. 5: So yeah, the Avengers was ok.)

Ihan hyvä urakka on siis tulossa, koska minun näkökulmastani jokainen sivu vaatisi jotain korjattavaa, enemmän tai vähemmän. Pitää vain saada perfektionismi ja pissapäisyys (=laiskuus) pois tieltä ennen kuin aloittaa homman.

So, there’s going to be enough work for me, because from my  point of view there’s more or less to fix on every page. I just need to get my perfectionism out of the way and avoid getting too damn cocky (=lazy) before I start the project. 

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* Tampere Kuplii -muistelo // Tampere Kuplii festival recap

Kirjoitettu 11.05.2012 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

1: Alrighty… Now that school’s over  and Tampere Kuplii festival ended almost a week ago it’s just might be the time for an update. 2: So my newest album ”Keskiviikko” (Wednesday) was published during the festival – O’ lord. 3: At the same time the current students from Orivesi released their own fantastic comics – And all of them were sold out! 4: So on Sunday there was this short interview about Keskiviikko *smashing stress perm*)


(1: Conveniently, the next morning I woke up with the cognitive skills of a potato. – Oh hi! You know what I could get a copy of Keskiviikko… -Harblargh?! 2: And finally it was time for the interview…  -Sorry Janne but I’m really nervous… – It’s okay, I have a killer hangover right now. 3: I suppose it went well – And Safari Monseigneur is awesome, because they kill a horse in the cover!)


(1: And great big Thanks to all of you who purchased a copy of Keskiviikko. I thank you for your interest and hope you have a good reading experience. 2: Of course because Keskiviikko is far from perfect, it would be really good to have some feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcome.)

(1: When you get feedback you can learn from it and make more and better comics. Then some day you can give a similar reply to an interviewer P.A. Manninen gave on Sunday in his own interview:   2: I draw approximately 200 pictures a day… Then again how should I know. When you draw five days a week in a terrible hurry you can no longer remember how much you drew last week.)


(When you’re good enough you just have to keep making new comics even if you don’t want to do it anymore..!)


(1: *kick* GAKH!  2: OW! That HURT! – And it’s gonna hurt even more if you keep on with that nonsense! 3: It’ll be alright, I’m sure of it. Have some chocolate. … stupid whore.)

Olin ihan tosissani siitä palautteesta: jos tulee mieleen parannusehdotuksia, vaikkakin ihan pieniä, niin lähettäkää niitä maililla tänne.  Kynnys tällaiseen palautteenantoon on varmaan aika korkea, mutta asiallinen ja rakentava kritiikki on aina hyvästä, siksi sitä olisi kiva saada.

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