Kuukausiarkisto maaliskuu, 2011

* Mielenpahoittaja // Upsetter

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Paljon on vettä virrannut Tammerkoskessa sitten viime postauksen… Kolmesta viikosta saan syyttää tätä projektia:

// Plenty of water has passed beneath the Tammerkoski bridge since the previous article… For three weeks I get to blame this project:

”Helkama Nudibranchia”, tai Nudi, on akryyli- ja villalangoista virkattu merietana. Se on suuri taideteos ja sen merkitys yhteiskunnalle huomattava. Sen voi myös pukea päälle. // ”Helkama Nudibranchia” or Nudi for short, is a crocheted sea slug made from wool and acrylic thread. It is a great work of art and it means a lot to our society. Plus, you can wear it on your head.

Lopuista artikkelittomista viikoista on syyttäminen omaa itseäni, taas.  // For the rest weeks without any articles you can blame me, again.

(1: Hey, the results for the art competition have been published. – Really?! 2: WHO has the honor to get their work of art between Stockmann and the Academic Bookstore next summer – Not to mention the 4000 euro budget?! – Which won?! 3: Not ours atleast, sorry! 4: What’s going on here then? – Nnnoooo worriees, we can do this… damn good project it will be, if we just… wonderful subject, weel worth doing…)

Olemme jo sujut tämän asian kanssa. // We are already fine.

(1: Wait a sec, I need to check the time tables… – WHAT, you’re leaving?! – In the evening, yes… We both have school. 2: But you can’t leave today! – Well Miikka is leaving too… 3: Well you see… It’s not that spesific. 4: Oh it isn’t, now?! – Hey~, it’s a good thing right… 5: You just said yesterday-  -Yes, I said so… But then I came here and experienced an enlightment. 6: This is so touching… 7. Oh so NOW you were enlighted!! – What are you shouting about? You wanted to stay as well! – So I did but that’s not the point!!!  (We did have a really good time.))

(2: Hi. – Well Hi. How is Emmi today? 2: These walls irritate so much, mum. 3: The wallpapers have ripped, their colors are ugly and the walls have holes! – So what are you planning to do? – I’m so pissed off I can’t think straight! 4: So… All is well? – Things haven’t been this good in months!)

(1: In the evening I was so concentrated on removing old screws that I forgot to update the blog. 2: Hey Emmi, You really don’t need to roll up the carpets yet, you can’t fix the walls before May, right? – Whah?)

(”I thought that my legs and knees looked handsome.” ”HMPF! What beauty do you see in hairy grown men or their knees?!”)

(”How upset I am”)

Nämä kaksi viimeisintä kuvaa ovat luonnoksia tulevaan Japanpopin sarjakuvaan. Toivottavasti jaksan tehdä siitä niin hyvän kuin vain voin. // The last two sketches are for a four-pager that will be published in the next issue of Japanpop magazine. I hope I have the strenght and time to draw it as good as I possibly can.

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