Kuukausiarkisto tammikuu, 2011

* Heippatirallaa, B010 // Hoobledoop, B010

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(1: It sounds like someone wants to come through the front door. 2: My roommate isn’t even in town today… 3: My sister has told me legends about gnarly psychos forcing themselves in down town flats. You’re okay though ’cos you’re a guy. 4: Gnarly psychos don’t care about gender. – I guess. 5: If there really is an uninvited guest that person propably doesn’t care about my crotch, instead he forces his way in and- 6: *CLANK* He’s here! 8: Whoops, false alarm. My new belt creaks as I turn around… – You retard! *gnawk!*)

Ei uskoisi mutta kai noin voi käydä. // Hard to believe but I guess it happens.

(1: We were at Kimmo’s place and watched an episode of Fist of the North Star. – Hmm… 2: This thing about anime still interests me: The greatest emotions are portrayed in boys’s series. – Yeah… 3: Tears served with macho muscle flexing is okay, but I’m distracted by the chicken noises. 4: Those ”Ora ora” -shouts I mean. – Hm… – Maybe Macho flexing requires some chickeny self irony! 5: But why that particular shout? They should’ve left it for women… – But high pitched shouts don’t have that effect if a woman shouts them! 7: It requires some balls to let out a cock-a-doodle like that in a post-apocalyptic world!)

(1: Kenshiro is so manly he can take on everyone who critize him! – Yeah! 2: I don’t even think they’d write a shout like that for the female characters. 3: He is The Man after all. Oh look at the time, gotta go. 4: Bye then! – Have a safe journey home! 6: ORA ORA ORA! – Try more high pitched.)

Kritiikin vastaanottaminen // Taking Critisizm

(1: It’s whole skill of it’s own to spool through shit for the most important pieces. 2: One must not be afraid to sink their hands in manure! 3: Damn rough.)

Olen edelleen aika paska kritiikin vastaanottamisessa. // I still feel like crap when I get critisism.

Pitää todellakin keksiä joku huomattavasti järkevämpi tapa tekstata. Sivellinkynä on aivan liian paksu ja jälki on epätasaista, ja muiden kynien jälki ei näytä kovin hyvältä skannattuna (kuten yllä). Itse kirjoitusasu ja tekstin asettelu on kuin suoraan yläasteelta. Parantamisen paikka, näemmä.

I really need to come up with some better way to letter. The brush tip pen is too thick and the result too uneven, and the result with other pens doesn’t look too good after scanning (as above). In it’s entirety the speech bubbles look like they’ve been filled by a middle schooler. Need to improve my skills here.


* Kaveri jätti

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Skannerini temppuilee nyt pahemman kerran, joten olen hetken koulun skannerin varassa. Päivitystä ei siis tule nyt tämän viikon lopussa, vaan parhaimmillaan huomenna.


* Minimegapostaus // Mini Mega Post

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(I hope I misheard… 1: … we focus on offering long lasting quality products made of top-notch materials… 2: Finnish Beaver is compatible with most car types… 3: … and it has both quality and enviroment certificates. 4: Beaver – A womanly matter.)

Olin liikkeellä tamperelaisessa kauppakeskuksessa ja ämyreistä paukutettiin varsin pitkää mainosta. En heti hoksannut mitä mainostettiin, mutta uskon kuulleeni mainoksen päättäneen sloganin iloisesti väärin.

I was roaming around a local shopping mall and they played this quite long commercial. I didn’t get immediately what they were advertising but I believe I totally misheard the slogan.

(1: Hmm… 2: Well, if  ends up shit then so be it… *gurgl* *crack* 4: *munch munch* 5: Delicious! – the crepes won’t get brown the same way as ones made in cow milk but the taste and texture are identical! These taste lovely with brown sugar!)

Coconut milk crepes (not quite like crepes, but not pancake thick either)

for 2 with a sweet tooth or for 4 as a dessert

2 dl coconut milk + 2 dl water

1 egg

2 tbs canola oil

approx. 2 dl all purpose flour

a dash of salt and sugar

Jääkaappiini oli jäänyt 2 desiä kookosmaitoa (sitä Rainbowin 5 dl tetroissa myytävää kookosmaitoa) ja kokeilin, onko sillä mahdollista imitoida tavallista maitoa lättytaikinassa. Erinomainen tulos, letut vaan eivät ruskistu samalla tavalla. Jos siitä ei välitä, tämä resepti on ihan kokeilemisen arvoinen. Sopii maitoallergikoille ja laktoosi-intolerantikoille. En ole kokeillut mitä tapahtuu, jos kananmunan korvaa vegaanisella vastineella.

There was a little less than a cup of coconut milk in my fridge and I decided to try if I can use it in crepes batter instead of cow’s milk. The results were excellent, they just won’t get golden brown the same way. If you don’t care about that, this recipe is worth giving a go. Good for milk allergics and lactose intolerants. I haven’t tried what happens with those vegan egg replacements.

( The Sandman’s coming… – We’ll see again. – Indeed we will…)

Tämä oli yhden sivun teemasarjakuva Sarjarin 81. numeroon (Nukkumatti). Ei mitään suurta syvällisyyttä, olen vain miettinyt millaista työtä Nukkumatin kaltainen olento saattaisi tehdä niiden osalta, jotka kuolevat unissaan.

A one pager for Sarjari #81, the Sandman issue. No big and deep thoughts, I’ve just been wondering what kind of work creature like Sandman would do for those, who die in their sleep.

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