Kuukausiarkisto joulukuu, 2010

* Syyllisyyttä joulupöydässä // Guilt in the Christmas Dinner Table

Kirjoitettu 23.12.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(!: Hi again, folks. On the eve of a national face stuffing holiday I’ve happened to think about my own eating habits. 2: During my life I have felt guilt about not eating enough, about eating enough and not being a proper lacto-ovo vegetarian. 3: I’ve felt hunger for meat and I’ve been thinking should I taste the ham this year. *roar* 4: Obviously this has led to guilt. After all I was not supposed to support the meat industry and eat healthy instead.)

(1: I just don’t have enough faith anymore to believe that I could make a change with eating. Maybe if I were vegan, but I don’t have the balls for that. 2: I’m not a world savior who’s joining the baddies now. I’m a quitter, but I do see some values here. 3: Food is about nutricion, sociality and enjoyment. Oh and gratefulness towards the food’s origin because it has allowed us to live a little longer. 4: There are billions of people on this planet who don’t have enough to eat. Wasting food and grading it as world destroyers or saviors are the worst things you can do with food, not eating it.)

(1: The fact that I feel guilt for eating is and insult! 2: On the long run veganism could be a better choice, maybe. I hope. 3: But at that point when something has been cultivated, killed or harvested, packed and hauled to this Eskimo’s ass of a country, you’d better eat it to the last morcel!  4: Not buying or eating are relevant ways to affect the food markets but a true luxury. If we have a steaming hot ham on our dining table I try to make sure none of it goes to waste after the holidays.)

(Here I am listening to my own blind urge and it might be better if you don’t take my words seriously. 2: I’m still going to be grateful for all the food and the company I can indulge myself in. 3: Without guilt and I hope the same for you all. Ahoy! -Well hello! You came already… 4: But above all Merry Christmas. Good will and peace as well. – Putting your apron on already? 5: Good heavens, breads haven’t been baked yet and it’s the eve…)

En tarkoita toivotuksellani sitä, että aina pitäisi antaa periksi omille haluilleen. Miksikään lihan himomässyttäjäksi en ryhdy senkä pyydä teitäkään ryhtymään, sitä paitsi lompakkoni antaisi myöten lihalle kerran joka toinen viikko. Ruoan tarjontaa ohjailee edelleen ainakin jossain määrin myös kysyntä eikä pelkkä politiikka, joten vähentämällä kulutusta lihan ylituotanto tässäkin maassa voidaan ehkä rajoittaa järkevämpiin lukuihin. Se tarkoittaa, että vähän aikaa ruokaa heitetään hukkaan, ennen kuin ymmärretään vähentää tarjontaa. Ruoan hukkaaminen onkin se, johon en missään nimessä haluaisi syyllistyä.

Yritän ostaa vain sen, minkä tarvitsen ja käyttää siitä kaikki, mitä voin.

My Christmas wishes isn’t implying that you should always surrender to your desires. I’m not gonna be a 100 % carnivore and I’m not asking that from you either, besides I can afford meat only once every second weeks. The supplying of food is still somehow affected by demand and not just politics and we can decrease the overproduction of meat to something more rational amounts in this country. It means that for some time food will go to waste before the production is reduced  to match demand. Wasting food however is something I don’t want to do.

I try to buy only what I need and use all of it.

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* Usko ihmisiin // Faith in people

Kirjoitettu 13.12.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Whoops! Another two weeks without a single entry. I’m sorry. 2: Good thing I haven’t been totally idle, instead I have been working on an interesting project for almost 4 weeks now. 3: We are participating a real contest on this art piece and the winner makes it on that boulder. The winning piece of art that is. 4: If our suggestion wins, we will construct it with a 4000 euro budget for the following summer . Then it’ll be on display for the whole season. Awesome!)

( An art piece that is set out to display in the open air faces many practical problems that we have to take into consideration already in the planning state. We also need to know how our piece can be read wrong and avoid it. 2: Our group has worked very hard on planning all this. 3: Yet still…)

(1: I can’t help but be afraid that possibility that people won’t get the basic idea of our piece. It’s not abstract, the name isn’t cryptic in any way and it’s about a quite current topic. 2: I’m afraid that despite all the clues we give people won’t get it. They would think it’s irrelevant, how awful!)

(So that for some, completely unexplainable reason people just won’t get it, or care. And the fact that we couldn’t understand the reason would point out just how far up in the ”Ivory Tower of Art” we have ended up already during the first year!)

(1: This ridiculous fear of mine urges me to explain everything so clearly it ruins the piece! GAAAAAAH!! *wham* 3: Duuh…. 4: Of course, I could get the hold of myself and have some faith in our group. We’ll mourn our failure after it has happened, not before.)

Tarkoitukseni ei ole missään nimessä väittää, että ihmiset olisivat liian tyhmiä tajutakseen teostamme. Päinvastoin, minua tässä vaivaa selittämätön pelko epäonnistumisesta, jonka syy ei selviä. Todellisuudessa hoksaamme mitä ilmeisimmin syyn, jos teos epäonnistuisi. Tämäkin edellyttää sitä, että teos ylipäätään valitaan. Pelkoni on kokonaisuutta ajatellen varsin pienessä osassa, ja hyvä niin, sillä tämä projekti on mielenkiintoinen.

I’m not trying to imply that people are too dim to understand our piece. On the contrary, it’s me who’s obsessed with the fear of unexplainable failure. In reality we will most likely realize the reason if the piece should fail. This of course requires that our suggestion wins the competition in the first place. My fear is in a minor role in the whole situation, and I’ll have it that way, because the whole project truly interests me.

Kyse on tästä kilpailusta  (linkki on vuoden 2010 kutsu) // It’s about this competition (the link features invitation for 2010)


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* Kuvitus Kopeekassa

Kirjoitettu 12.12.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

Tuoreimman Kopeekan sivuilla komeilee myös allekirjoittaneen kuvitus. Ensimmäinen lehtikuvitus vuosiin… Piirros pääsi myös blogiin:


On the latest issue of Kopeekka you can find an illustration by yours truly. The first illustration in years… The same drawing made it into Kopeekka’s blog.

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