Kuukausiarkisto syyskuu, 2010

* Luonnoskirja // The Sketch Book

Kirjoitettu 22.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(Mansi pawing Tursu’s injured back)

Lopuksi, ihan sarjakuvakin jonka tein eilen Helsingin luokkaretken päätteeksi.

(For a finale a comic I drew yesterday on our way back home from a school trip to Helsinki: The Truck drivers I saw today)

Luonnokset ovat uusi koulutehtävä. Viime viikolla saimme ison hienon luonnoskirjan, johon on täytettävä vähintään 40 aukeamaa elävää mallia, asetelmaa jne. Käytännössä katsoen piirrämme kaikkea mitä itse näemme, eli ei mielikuvia. Lisäksi on valittava taiteilija, jonka tyyliä on matkittava vähintään 10 aukeaman verran. Tunnistatte varmaan ketä matkin? Näistä luonnoksista saa antaa palautetta ja toivonkin, että teette niin.

The sketches are our new school assignment. Last week they gave us this large, fine sketch books and we have to fill them with at least 40 double pages of croquis, landscape, still life etc. Basically we draw everything we see, so no fantasies. On top of that we have to pick an artist or several and copy cat their style for at least 10 double pages. You probably recognize the one who’s style I’m copying? Feel free to give feedback on these sketches in fact I hope you do.

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* Pipi // Boo boo

Kirjoitettu 20.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Right now I’ve got three itchy stitches in my scalp. 2: It’s not a big deal, my life is a bruisy one. 3: But now something weird and hazy happened and I had to go to the clinic. -Where am I? 4: Yup, it’s a clear one. Wait a sec, the doctor will see you soon. – By the way it’s true that you instinctively try to hide your head injuries – even from yourself. 5: Uh… Is it possible to have a double dose of anaesthesia? For some reason one is not enough. *I was telling the truth* -Ohh~Well make sure you say it once the doctor arrives… 6: The doc came and did her thing. – I’m going the get the second dose. I left the needle in place so don’t get frightened, okay? – OK… 7: The needle in my head was neat and all but the best part was yet to come. 8: Right when the doctor was pushing the dose of anaesthesia in my scalp I heard a loud bursting noise. 9: She cursed. There’s always such a high pressure going on in the scalp area so everything just bursts out… 10: She said something else too but I was too busy thinking about the needle in my head and the splatters of anaesthesia and blood on the paper cover right in front of my nose. 11: The operation was soon over, though. – Right, all set, eh? -Yeah.)

Ajattelin ensin etten tee tästä seikkailusta sarjakuvaa. Tosin eihän tuota kaikkea sekopäisyyttä tajunnutkaan paikan päällä, olisi ollut haaskausta jättää tämä piirtämättä. Ikävää vain, että paperi oli Pelikanille liian huokoista.

At first I thought I wouldn’t turn this adventure into a comic. However back then I didn’t even realize the sheer wackiness of that situation, and it would have been a waste if I hadn’t drawn about it. Unfortunately the paper was too porous for Pelikan ink.

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* Lupaatko? // You promise?

Kirjoitettu 19.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Now that I have wriggled in my crisis for a whole week I guess I could tell you what I’ve discovered. 2:First, about the nature of comic blogs or diaries: I agree that they don’t have to be all neat and professional. Good stories are the main thing. 3: … But back in the days when I established my blog as a school assignment I though: ” With this I can train myself to become even more skilled artist and I get feedback too”. Indeed… 4: Combined with the other assignment, the comic diary I had no fear of not having enough material. I always had something to post, mostly about my own life. *one year batch* 5: It was fun and it worked. But how long do inside jokes about your friends work if you really want a diverse audience? Not for long. That’s what twisting me here. *When do I –  When is my debut -Will I ever become anything*)

(1: If you want more diverse audience than just friends and relatives, first you have to offer more diverse material, not just diary entries. Sketches! Experiments! All the things you suggested earlier! 2: Now that school eats it’s own portion of my time, concentrating on comics requires effort and coming out of the comfort zone! 3: But it’s not impossible at all! 5: The fact that this is the last page of my diary is kind of poetic…)

Artikkelin otsikko esittää ydinkysymyksen: lupaanko oikeasti tehdä kuten itse suunnittelen? Helppoahan tästä ei tule, ainakaan aluksi. Päiväkirjamerkinnät pysyvät, koska moni teistä tykkää niistä ja niin tykkään minäkin. Niiden lisäksi vain on nyt kehitettävä materiaalia, jota voi tarkastella kriittisemmin ja josta voisin oppia. Niistä saa myös ajan mittaan materiaalia pienlehtiin.

Tämä postaus on poikkeuksellisesti kaksivärinen… sininen muste ei skannautunut hyvin mustavalkoisena eikä siitä saanut mitään selvää. Pitänee etsiä seuraavaksi oikeasti mustia mustepatruunoita.

The name of this post is also the most important question: will I promise to do as I planned? It won’t be easy, at least for a start. The diary entries stay because many of you like them and I like them as well. I just have to come up with material to go along with them, something that can be critisized and therefore offers me a learning experience. Eventually they’d be compiled as small prints too.

This post is exceptionally two colored… the blue ink in my other pen didn’t scan too well and you couldn’t see the text. I really need to find the black ink cartridges.

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* Sarjakuvafestivaalit 11.-12.9. // Helsinki comics festival 11.-12.9.

Kirjoitettu 13.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(Comic Festivals! Saturday… 3: I have the itch that I’m not gonna win anything. It doesn’t make me that sad, though…  4: I wonder where all the others are? 6: Okay now I’m nervous)

(1: Didn’t win any places. 2: Kinda saw it coming but it still ’hit’ me. 3: A new try next year? – Oof! 4: It’s okay, Auntie Kylli competition makes me feel better. – Where’s my tooth?! )

Hekumallinen kuva, jonka piirsin Suomi-Ruotsi-maaottelun inspiroimana. Magneettiseen kielilukkoon antautuivat Ville Pirinen ja Kolbeinn Karlsson (sain molempien nimmarit!). Alempana Black Peiderin nimmari herkullisena yksityiskohtana.

The Finland vs Sweden match inspired me to draw this lustful picture. This magnetic tongue lock features Ville Pirinen and Kolbeinn Karlsson (got their autographs!). The lower signature belongs to Black Peider (Petteri Tikkanen) and serves as a delicious little detail.

(*remember that in my notebook the arrow points to the Ville x Kolbeinn picture* 1: I just creamed myself! BUT… 2: I overheard a small fragment of a comic  blog panel conversation – Comic blogs don’t get muc constructive criticism concerning the quality… 3: … and those who comment are usually people the blogger is already familiar with. 4: I’ve noticed this myself. Outsider commentors are a rarity. I haven’t received that much constructive critisism either… 5:… and if I did how much would I work for progress? 6: Talented obviously succeed but do people expect blog comics to be really that good?? * Or diary comics?)

(1: Could it be that comic diaries are good only for maintaining drawing routine? 2: It does improve your perception but other than that it doesn’t help much. Or does it? Does it?? 3: Oh well. This outburst is probably related to the fact that this blog is almost one year old. 4: I’ve updated the blog and churned out a reasonable amount of small prints. But what about this year? Quality? Content? What? 5: I must admit that I haven’t really thought of how I should pursue my career, not once. I just want to draw. But it’s not enough. – With these thoughts my Saturday ends…)

(Comics Festival SUNDAY!! – Jeans and a towel make the best pillow. 1: Today the morning was kinda slow. – Pete let’s go! – *whimper*2: We won’t make it to the Nissinen’s interview, but there’s Manninen’s Steve Ditko analysis- – Wanna go eat something? – YES. 3: We didn’t spot Pirinen or any of the yesterday’s heros, but I still bought one copy of Pirinen’s newest for Miikka. – Here, have this neat postcard! *Varataivas by Anne Muhonen* – signatures are cool but it’s possible to live without.)

(1: Time went by so quickly that I was a little surprised when people started departing towards their homes… *1st arrow: The backpack weighted 6 kilos & 4 hours in a train* *2nd arrow: Whimpered just for the fun of it*- Bye bye, it was nice to see you!  2: Damn, my train leaves in two hours too! 3: I bumped into Karri who was on his way to the ’Comic schools of Finland presented’ interview. -Wanna tag along? To speak? – When? – In 1-2 minutes. 4: That way I met some students from Muurla. – They were alright! 5: Pant! Soon after that I realised that my train was departing in 20 minutes. No ticket and my stuff were still in the locker… I was in a HURRY. 6: Then what? Well, along with the little crisis I got pretty good experiences and equally good comics. 7: The amount of work I did was ok considering how inexperienced I was… Now it’s time for more demanding tasks. We’ll see what I have come up with until next festival. Whew.)

Pienoinen kriisi tosiaan tarttui mukaan. Olen miettinyt mitä tämä blogi tarvitsee oman päiväkirjaotteeni lisäksi, ja miten onnistuisin toteuttamaan sen koulun ohella. Tuo kriisi voi ollakin ehkä parasta mitä festareilta tarttui mukaani, jos sillä saan tarjontaani kehitettyä edes piirun verran eteenpäin.

So I got this little crisis while I was in Helsinki. I’ve been wondering what this blog needs apart from being my own personal diary and how to achieve it with the school distracting me. That crisis just might be the best thing I got from the festival if I know how to use it to make my comics become something a little bit better.

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* Kiitos // Thank You

Kirjoitettu 8.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Oh boy o’ boy, kiddies, you’re not gonna believe me! – I ordered that Heavy Duty stapler! 2: The stapler, approx. one pound in weight, came in a rather large package… – Pretty big? 3: … at home it was revealed what the Pohjolan Toimistotarvike Oy* had sent me.  *Look Ma, I’m advertasing! 4: Along with the stapler the package included folders, erasers and two boxes of refillable pencils. – Oh MAN! 5: – I’m lovely! The lesson learned: always compare prices on the Internet! )

Tuli kieltämättä vähän joulu ja synttärit mieleen tuon laatikon avattuani. Kustannukset olivat äärimmäisen sopivat suhteessa hyötyyn. Suosittelen kyseistä puljua kaikille.

I have to admit, opening the package reminded me of Christmas and birthdays. The price was very affordable and all around perfect considering the benefits. I recommend this company to everyone in Finland region.

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* Pesukone-boogie, osa 2 // The Washing Machine Boogie, Part 2

Kirjoitettu 6.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: Final Washing Machine Boogie Showdown!! -Bleh. 2: Because the laundry machine had been in the attic for a year or two I turned it on without any laundry inside it. 3: I went to do my homework but still listened carefully in case there’d be some unusual noises. 4: It was a long  washing program. – Jesus Christ, when will it end..?! 5: There was absolutely no complications and the stuffy stench was gone too. – Should I be ashamed or proud of myself?)

Ikävä kyllä, Royal Blue -musteeni ei näy edes mustavalkoisena skannauksena mitenkään hyvin, eikä leveleiden sorkkimisesta ollut apua… Pitänee ruveta täyttämään noitakin patruunoita itse tai keksiä jokin photari-kikka.

Unfortunately, the Royal Blue ink doesn’t look too hot when scanned black and white, and fingering the levels didn’t help either… I probably need to start refilling those cartridges too or come up with some Photoshop trick.

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* Pesukone-boogie // The Washing Machine Boogie

Kirjoitettu 5.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(1: I’m not helpless or anything but I just don’t get along with washing machines. 2: In my new apartment there’s two nemesi:  a fresh out of a factory dish washer and a laundry machine from 80’s or 90’s. 3: Today I decided to learn how to use the dish washer. 4: I was inspired by the small specks of rust in my *brand new* kitchen sink. – I wonder if that’s my fault..? 5: The landlord’s proud smile haunted in my mind. 7: I sat next to the dishwasher the whole time just to make sure it won’t spill the water out on the floor. Nothing happened. – The Final Boss of tomorrow: The laundry machine!!!)

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* Raatobingo // Roadkill Bingo

Kirjoitettu 3.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

(2: Right… what we have on the menu today? 3: A hedgehog, a squirrel, another bird… perhaps a Big Mac this time… 4: Squirrel today. 5: The daily roadkill bingo.)

Raatoja ei ole niinkään paljoa näillä uusilla kotikulmilla. Aiemmin kouluun mennessä sai arvailla joka aamu mitä eläintä varikset kulloinkin popsivat. Lehmän kokoisista hidastetöyssyistä huolimatta tuon kyseisen kadun varrella kuolee käsittämättömät määrät pikkueläimiä joka kuukausi.

We don’t have many roadkills in my new neighborhood. Back home on my way to school I used to make a guess which animal the crows were eating that morning. Regardless of the cow sized speed bumps along that particular street, an incredible number of small animals get driven over each month.

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* Muutto, osa 2 // Moving out, Part 2

Kirjoitettu 1.09.2010 - Karva. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

Kyllähän tuollainen muutos pistää koviksenkin itkemään. En kuitenkaan pillittänyt kuin neljä pisaraa.

A change like that makes even tough ones like me to cry. Didn’t shed more than four tears, though.

Lapsuuteni lelut hyvästelivät minut, vai pilkkaavatko ne..? // Toys from my childhood bid me farewell or were they mocking me..?

(1: All my stuff have found their place in my new home. 2: It’s still a bit difficult to fall asleep at nights, because the enviroment is still so new. You can still smell the former resident’s scent from the wallpapers. 3: The walls are far too empty for my taste but I’m not sure what to put on them. – Gotta do something!)

(A couple of days earlier… 1: This is it now! The last chick is about to fly away from the nest! – Yeah, sorry. – It’s okay mom, I’ll come and mooch off you when things get difficult. 2: HORSE SHIT! – A fine tale but I can’t scan it… 3: You too! Eat shit!)

Piirsin vielä eilisen fiilikset mukaan pilaamaan tunnelman. Sanoisin että eilen illalla scannerin ja koneen välinen sotku oli melkoinen tunnelman pilaaja. Nyt skannaaminen luonnistuu, joskin pienen mutkan kautta, mutta kuitenkin.

I included the yesterday evening’s vibes to ruin the comic’s mood. I’d say that it was a real mood killer as I noticed what a mess the scanner’s and lap top’s co-operation was. Now I can scan again, it’s a bit slower this way but it works.

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