Kuukausiarkisto kesäkuu, 2010

* Juhannussekoitus // A Midsummer medley

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(– NO! DON’T!!  – What? – Helicopter causes hurricanes in San Fransisco.)

(1: You can pass out in a good way… 2: … or pass out with STYLE. – GET OUT!)

(Oh, so you played the ’Draw & Guess’ game? -YEAH!)

(Testing the Bug Spray Pentagram – If I want to go fishing, I go fishing, God damnit!)

(– Aw damnit, it’s raining. – Yay, it’s raining!)

(- Are you spacing out? – Nope. I have a PROJECT. – What are you doing then? – I’m opening these pods and picking the peas on this plate.)

Herra Mahtava. Piirrä & Arvaa pelin lehtiössä oli jonkun tyypin piirtämä tyyppi, joka oli sikamahtava. Koska se oli niin mahtava, piirsin siitä oman versioni ja annoin sille nimeksi Herra Mahtava.

(Mr. Awesome. Some guy had drawn this guy in the ’Draw & Guess’ game’s sketch book and he was awesome. Because he was so awesome, I drew my version of him and gave him the name Mr. Awesome.)


Armoton hyttysten tappaja // The Merciless Mosquito Killer

(The Saturday evening turned into night… There’s still time for a PARTY)

(And it was good, because on the way back home… – OH YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING JOKING! – No worries, we still have some food in the bags.)

(This was possibly one the best Midsummers I’ve ever had.)

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* Ennen lämmintä valkoviiniä // Before the warm white wine

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(1: I’m sorry for not updating, again. *Off you go now!* 2- Actually I would have skipped today as well but I wanted to wish you a good Midsummer. 3: This girl will disappear to Juupajoki. Maybe I’ll bring yousomething NICE.)

(Happy Midsummer!)

Mitä tuohon käännökseen edes kannattaisi laittaa. Merry ei tunnu hyvältä, Good on pelkästään outo mutta ei Happy ole sen kummoisempi. No, eiköhän se palvele tarkoitustaan. Tällä kertaa yritän muistaa ottaa useampia kyniä mukaan, jos sivellinkynä alkaa kenkkuilla. Säiliön hellä naputtelu ja puristelu pitäisi tehota, mutta jos sössin taas jotenkin, on ainakin jotakin jolla dokumentoida. Pitää ihmiset hauska juhannus, älkää antako itikoiden tai sään häiritä, älkääkä hukkuko.

I’m not even sure what to write as translation. Merry Midsummer doesn’t sound right, Good is just plain weird and Happy is just as odd. I suppose it serves it’s purpose well enough. This time I try to remember to take enough pens with me in case the brush tip pen starts to act weird on me again. Tapping and squeezing the cartridge gently should do it but if I mess things up again I have something to document with.  Have a good Midsummer everyone, don’t let the bugs or the weather bother you and don’t get drowned.

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* Kesäleiri ja kynän kuolema // Summer Camp and the Death of a Pen

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(1: Hop! Hop! – Way to go, Tsuru! 2: Tsuru should have brought his kilt. – Yup. 3: We once played a paintball match in the woods wearing kilts. )

Kaunis kesämies // Beautiful Man of Summer

Kyllä, nuo ovat lasten kellukkeet. // Yes, those are a pair of children’s floats.

Hidoin kesäleiri meni taas vallan mallikkaasti, mikä onkin syy miksi päivityksiä ei viikonloppuna kuulunut. Dokumentointi vain tyssäsi lauantai-iltana, kun rakas sivellintussini sanoi itsensä irti. Typeränä ja ihastuksen sokaisemana en ollut varustautunut koko penaalini turvin… Kynä ehkä tukkeutui, sen patruuna oli vielä puolillaan mustetta mutta kärjestä ei tullut mitään. Kesämies oli viimeinen kuva, jonka sain piirrettyä.

Our gang’s summer camp was absolutely smashing, which is the reason why I didn’t post anything during the last weekend. Capturing the atmosphere suddenly ceased on Saturday evening when my lovely brush tip pen died on me. Because I was foolish and blinded by infatuation I hadn’t brought my pencil case with me… The pen was probably clogged somehow, since the cartridge was still half full but the tip just dried up. The portrait of  Summer Man was the last thing I managed draw.

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* Pakko päästä ulos // Need to get out

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(1: Today it rained almost all day. 2: I’ve been working on the costume so long I’m up to my ears in it. I need to get out of the house tomorrow.)

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* Kuuden vuoden jälkeen // Six years later

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(1: I met an old friend. 2: Eventually we went to different directions but we would see again the same evening. 3: Nutirition during that day and evening was based on liquids.  – Another round! 4: Now you’re not pronouncing it right. Slaanche~. – SLANCHE! 5: We tried to persuade Miikka to join us but he wouldn’t. – Hi honey! 6: My friend finally escorted me to the bus. I began to miss him instantly. – SIGH.)

(1: I knew him from junior high. We were ”the Three Losers”. *me* *him* *the-one-I’m-not-allowed-to-mention-by-name* 3: At first we had a common enemy – the rest of the school. -RUSKIE! -RETARD! – HEAD BANGER! – BITCH! – QUEER! – FREAK! 4: Our company had an anxiety relieving effect on both of us. 5: We were ”Band of Brothers”.  – You’re ALL morons. 6: Are we still the losers? 7: No. 8: We NEVER were. )

Tunnepitoinen postaus tältä viikonlopulta. Olisin todennäköisesti ollut todella paljon huonommassa kunnossa yläasteen aikana, jos en olisi koskaan tavannut kyseistä ihmistä. Nyt kuuden vuoden jälkeen tuntuu että hän on vielä läheisempi. Kuinka usein se menee niin päin?

This weekend’s article is pretty emotional. I most likely would have been in a lot worse condition during junior high if I hadn’t ever met this person. Now after six years I think we’re even closer. How often does it go that way?

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* Rakastan rasvaa ja nopeita hiilareita // I love fat and fast carbs

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(2: ”There is no bad weather, only bad self-preparing…” 3:*drip* 7: This is so good. *munch munch*- I’m not mending myself with food, I’m only doing late self-preparing.)

Kuulostaa vähän huonolta tekosyyltä. Lätyt oli kyllä ihan naurettavan hyviä.

Sounds like a bad excuse. Anyway the crepes were ridiculously delicious.

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* Ei armoa menneille // No mercy for the past

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(1: In the beginning of this week I got this idea of sewing a Steampunk costume. 2: Hmm… 3: I wonder what would I have thought of this 5 years ago… 4: NO WAY I’M COSPLAYING WOMEN! 6: Hm. This need more ruffles.)

Tunnen aina silloin tällöin vastustamatonta tarvetta kiusata entistä itseäni, joka vielä leikki miestä. Pääosin minusta tuntuu surulliselta, että kielsin itseni ja naiseuteni niinkin monta vuotta, mutta naisvihamielisyyteni saavutti aika ajoin naurettavia piirteitä.  Tämä on pohjimmiltaan hyvää tarkoittava isku kasvoille ajan halki.

Tuolloin olisin syvällä sisimmissäni varmaan halunnut tuollaisen hameen.

Every now and then I feel this compelling urge to tease my former self, when I pretended to be a man. Mostly I feel sad that I denied myself and my feminity for so many years, but from time to time my hostility towards women reached ridiculous proportions. This is a slap across the face through time, in a good meaning manner.

Back then, deep inside, I would have wanted that kind of skirt.

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* Ihan kuin tietäisin jotakin // As if I knew anything

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(1: After the Academy a new aspiring comic artist faces a new challenge… – Oh me? 2: How to shape up and start drawing comics when no one’s keeping an eye on you? -Whoops. 3: You can of course wait for the inspiration to hit… 4: … or you can go searching for it and mark your findings on your sketch diary! 5: You can write down future undying classics such as: – Portuguese velvet trousers! – Glitter Hitler! 6: Then some beautiful night you come up with the basic plot. I Strongly recommend that you write it down, even if you’re sleepy.  Just a suggestion, of course.)

(1: And the drawing part? – Dunno, LOL! 2: But seriously you can try drawing strips or diary entries based on that idea. Even with your left hand. 3: If the idea seems to work material should pile up enough to make a small print for the next con or at least to be published on your blog. 4: DRAW! *Splat* – If it all goes well, you end up having all these people telling you to work! It helps if you know some scary individuals! – And off to drawing you go!)

Piirsin tämän enemmänkin ohjeeksi itselleni.  Hienoa, jos tämä toimii muillakin.

I drew these instructions mainly for myself. If this works for other people too, then it’s just splendid.

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* Loma // Summer holiday

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(It’s remarkable how equipments and their state affect on the number of articles on your blog… – Thank you, Tikkanen-sensei!)

Ostin viime lokakuussa itselleni synttärilahjaksi hienon täytettävän sivellintussin. Ongelmana on se, etteivät Suomen markkinoilla myytävät ampullit käy kyseiseen kynämalliin, eikä Tempera, josta kynän ostinkin, myy niitä.  Omistamani neljä ampullia tulivat kynän mukana. Tyhmää/Outoa? Ainoana vaihtoehtona on täyttää tyhjenneet ampullit itse, ja se onnistuikin pienen sähläämisen jälkeen. Ei sillä, että operaatio olis ollut mitenkään vaativa, olen vain sähläri.

Last October I bought myself a refillable brush tip pen as a birthday present. The problem is that you can’t find the required kind of ink cartridges in Finland and Tempera, the store from which I bought the pen doesn’t carry them. The cartridges I have came with the pen. Stupid/Weird? So the only alternative is to fill the empty cartirdges manually and I managed to do that after some minor problems. Not that the operation was difficult at all, I’m just clumsy.

(1: Incoming Week Report 2: The first thing, my current job situation. – I called Tiimari* on last Monday morning and they said they can’t take any trainees since some bloke was fired. They aren’t allowed to take new trainees until after nine months at least. 3: I probably should be pissed but there’s no really bad feelings at all. Job seeking was a whim at the employment office anyway. I have plenty of stuff to do without a job.)

* Tiimari is a Finnish chain that sells crafts supplies, small toys and houselhold objects.

(Diagram for the State of Motivation in TTVO Entrance Examination *The state varies from ’Really wild'(top) to ’Really bad'(bottom)* Monday: – Roar! – Morale was pretty high at first but because of high expectations but by evening it had sunken down to weeping point – I’m Scared!  Tuesday:  On the morning morale was rising thanks to rest and self-cheering -Raah! – However motivation went down again after a rough evening Wednesday: Motivation is sinking… The target questions her choice. Paradoxically she regains her will to fight Thursday:  – They can suck on their balls! – The target went through the last day relaxed after realizing that TTVO isn’t the center of the Universe, it’s not even the center of Finland. The mood improved even more towards the evening, when there was hanging out with friends.)

(1: So now I’m just waiting. They’ll let me know about TTVO by the start of August. About my success on the press production assistant* line will be informed during June.  2: Before that I’ll get some rest and aim to avoid any bad conscious. 3: It should be easy, I get tutored every day on the subject. 4: *whoosh* 5: The Finnish summer is too short anyway!)

* I’m not sure if that’s the real name. Couldn’t find it on dictionary.

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