Kuukausiarkisto huhtikuu, 2010

* Sukupuolten rajojen rikkomisen suunnattomat ilot // The overflowing joy of genderbending

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(4: I wonder how long I can goof around like this?)

Oli niin tylää että päätin muuttua mieheksi. Mutta lisää sukupuolinormien rikkomista on luvassa ältsin taiteellisessa kollaasisarjakuvassani Gulliverin retket:

I was so bored that I turned mysef into a man. But I’m breaking more gender norms in my super artsy collage comic Gulliver’s Travels:

(A long time ago in England there lived man called  Lemuel Gulliver. He decided he wanted to sail the seas and so he did. But on his very first travel a terrible tempest  crushed Gulliver’s ship and sunk it. The captain and all the sailors were thrown into the sea and they all drowned. Only Gulliver managed to swim away from the sinking ship.)

(Finally the tempest and the sea subsided. Gulliver noticed that he had swimmed near to an island’s shore and dragged himself out of the water. He was so exhausted  from all the swimming that he fell  on the grass dead tired. And he slept for two whole days!)

(When Gulliver woke up his legs and arms were tightly tied to the ground. Even his hair had been tied up and hard leather straps ran across his shoulders. Then he felt something move. He looked over his chest – what on earth, small men walking on him!)

(Gulliver was now their prisoner and he was would be taken to their capital, where all the Lilliput people could look at him. Then the men began vigorously build a trolley so they could bring Gulliver to their ruler.

(The convoy reahed the Capital, Gulliver was released but great chains were secured on his legs. Gulliver could hardly believe his eyes as he looked at the small Lilliput people who were staring at him in fear. Then he was taken to their ruler and Gulliver kneeled before him.   The End..?)
Pirisen taidesarjakuvakurssin tehtävä #2. Mä olen oikeastaan ihan tyytyväinen tähän, vaikka tämä on enemmän tuunattu kuin varsinainen kollaasisarjakuva.

Assignment #2 from Ville Pirinen’s art comic course. I’m actually rather pleased with this one, although this is more like pimped up comic than a collage.

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* Satakertainen kaaos // Hundred times of Chaos

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(2: ”The threat of hundredfold chaos” – A hundredfold, I see… 3: I wonder what this ’hundredfold chaos’ is? 4: Sounds like lyrics from an eurovision contest song… *snap* *snap* 5: ”The threat of a hundredfold chaos~  and the whole life blows apart~ – How much chaos do we have now?)

Iltapäivälehdet revittelee otsikolla ”Satakertainen kaaos uhkaa”. Kun sitä miettii, sama lause sopii Virve Rostin ’Sata salamaa’ -kappaleen kertosäkeeseen. Kokeilkaa vaikka.

Finnish newspaper are going mad over the Iceland volcano ash thing, including headlines such as ’ The threat of a hundredfold chaos’. When you think about it, the same sentence fits into Virve Rosti’s song ’Sata Salamaa’ (A hundred lightnings). Try it, if you know any Finnish.

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* Laiska viikko // Lazy Week

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Makkara pakenee jääkaapista // A Sausage espaces from a fridge

(1: It once happened that one day a piece of dead flesh became alive in a refridgerator.  2: This unfortunate convenience food reached self awareness which consisted of it’s ingredient’s awarenesses. 4: It could memorize some aspects of it’s ingredients’ lives. 5: It remembered it’s late legs. 7:  It remembered the air and wind. )

(1: *drip*)

Pöydältä löytyi tehtävä Tilsan viikolta, ’makkara herää henkiin ja pakenee jääkaapista’.  Kyseessä oli absurdin huumorin kurssi, mutta genrellä sai kuulemma revitellä. Ei oikeastaan edes huvittanut tehdä alkuunkaan hauskaa sarjakuvaa makkarasta, vaan kehittää tarina menneen elämänsä muistavasta eineksestä, joka sittemmin menettää järkensä. Takaisin vegetatiiviseen tilaan taantuminenhan voisi olla pakenemista?

From my desk I found one assignment from Tilsa’s course, ’ a sausage comes bakc to life and espaces from a fridge’. It was a course for absurd humor, but we were allowed to play with genres. Actually I wasn’t even in the mood for a funny comic about a sausage but to develope a story about a convenience food that remembers it’s previous life and then loses it’s mind. Regressing back into a vegetable (stupid choice of words) could be considered escaping?

Tämä on Pirisen taidesarjakuvakurssilta – abstrakti sarjakuva. Saatte itse miettiä mitä helvettiä tässä tapahtuu. Paska skanni ei ainakaan helpota asiaa.

This one is from Ville Pirinen’s art comic course – an abstract comic. You can figure out yourself what the hell is this one about. Shitty scan sure doesn’t make it easier.

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* Nyt sitä saa

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(I didn’t translate this, since Vagina Dentata album is only in Finnish.  Maybe I’ll add a translation to the next album.)

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* Oriveden hiipparin taru // The Legend of Orivesi Stalker

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(1: To celebrate Wednesday evening we went to Pub Sarianne. 2: … but from the very start we were followed by an old nemesis. 3: Shall we finally ask why he is following us? – Let’s find a more open area first. 4: Maybe he leaves us alone soon. – I’m scared. 6: Why is he still following us? What does he want? Is he lonely? Should we ask? What what what?! 8: I can’t take it!)

(3: What am I doing?! 4: Hey wait up! 6: Turn back, turn back, turn back!! 8: Fuck Emmi, You are STUPID!)

(2: Why you keep following us everywhere? 3: Well… Maybe I’m just searching for myself. 5: … I see. Could you, uh, stop? It’s pretty damn scary. 6: You want me to stop? – Preferably… – Then I’ll stop. 7: Bye.)

(2: Okay chaps, to the pub! 4: Come on! 6: Later… – Can I offer a shot of mint cocoa, Ms. Tough Guy? – A shot would be nice. )

Näin antiklimaattisesti päättyi kauhistuttavan Oriveden hiipparin taru. Ei ole näkynyt sen koommin. Toivottavasti jäpikkä löytää itsensä jostain muualta.

This was the anticlimactic end to the Legend of the Terrifying Orivesi Stalker. Haven’t seen him since. I hope old chap finds himself from somewhere else.

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* Armoton Kalapeli // The Ruthless Fishing Game

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(1: What are you guys playing? OOH, Red November! – Take the rockets! 2: How do you play it – WOW! 3: SWEET JESUS!! 5: Damnit, the ball escapes their mouth all the time! – Gently but sternly – It does go inside though. – Mm. 6: DAMNIT! *snap* 8: YOU GODFORSAKEN GREEN FAGGOTS! 9: SHITFUCK! – No need for a political statement, Emmi. – Hey quit destroying my toys. )

Eilen olin ystäväni synttäreillä ja heiltä löytyi muinainen kalastuspeli. Olin joskus omistanut vastaavanlaisen pikkupelin ihan muksuna, joten olihan sitä pakko päästä pelaamaan. Näin jälkikäteen ajatellen oli varmaan aika outoa katsella kun raivosin lastenepelin äärellä. Pelin haastavuus todennäköisesti ylitti aivokapasiteettini ja kärsivällisyyteni rajat, hih.

Yesterday my friend was having a birthday party and we found an ancient fishing game. I had owned a similar mini game when I was a kid so I had to try it. In retrospect it must have been pretty weird to watch as I threw a temper tantrum over a children’s game. Apparently the game was too challenging and demanded too much patience, heh.

Tämän piirsin piristääkseni joitain väsyneimmistä vieraista.  Sateenkaarista ei saa kuitenkaan hirveästi iloa ja onnea irti, kun ne piirtää mustavalkoisena…

I drew this one for the most tired guests. You can’t get much happiness or joy from black and white rainbows, though…

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* Jonagold-kostaja // The Jonagold Avenger

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(1: Hey, Jonagold apples! 2: CRASH! 4: Good afternoon, pathetic mortals! 5: Call the guards! Police! 6: Your stupid technology is no match to my awesome powers – oh?  11: Hey, Jonagold apples!)

Jukka Tilsan absurdin huumorin kurssi… Piirrettiin yhdestä kahteen sivua, aiheena omenoiden osto. Tarkoituksena oli lisätä jokin täysin överi käänne ja liioitella sitä entisestään. Viimeisen sivun luonnoton perspektiivi on jo aika liioiteltua, eikö?

Jukka Tilsa’s course on absurd humor… We drew one to two pages and our topic was buying apples. The point was to add some completely absurd plot twist and then exaggerate it. The unnatural perspective in the last panel is quite over the top, isn’t it?

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* Riistäjä // Oppressor

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(1: Damn it! 2: Now where did you roll… 3: Send a poor indian child to work and then do it all by yourself.)

Crappy translation in the last panel, I know.

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* I fail at photography

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(Today I spent my last day off on photography. 1: Let’s see how this works… 2: Well, time to work. Let’s try our best. 3: After around 70 minutes I had enough material. The camera belongs to Ella so I went to bring it back and then upload the pictures on to computer.  4: Emmi, your pictures are all fuzzy. 5: You can check that really easily… – But they didn’t look like that before! *isn’t listening* 6:  Zoom into the preview picture and check the target’s edges. 7: Ok? 8:  I’ll take some amount of some kind of pictures, then… That should be enough. – With that kind of attitude you won’t get into TTVO. Take a deep breath and start over, you don’t have a major problem.)

Kolmannen ruudun tekstillä ei ole päätä eikä häntää. Tarkoitan että vein kameran takaisin Ellalle ja siellä sitten purettiin kuvat koneelle, koska kaapeli oli jäänyt hänelle. Ketuttaa niin rankasti, etten osaa enää edes kirjoittaa järkeviä lauseita. Kyllähän ne kuvat saatiin otettua, kun vain käytin kiltisti jalustaa. Valokuvaus ja Photoshop vain ovat sellaisia asioita, jotka saavat minut tuntemaan itseni jälkeenjääneeksi puoliapinaksi. Niin ja hyödyttömäksi myös. Täytyy myöntää, että jo vähän pelottaa tuo kokeisiin asti selviäminen…

The text I originally wrote in the third panel makes no sense. Apparently I’m so narked off I can’t even write proper sentences. I did manage to take the pictures as I obediently used the tripod. Photography and Photoshop are those things that make me feel like a retarded prosimian. Oh and useless too. I have to admit, I’m already getting a bit scared about will I make it to the admission tests…

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* Myöhästynyt sunnuntaiartikkeli // Late Sunday Post

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(Today we went to Urjala to visit our dad 1: Wanna go for a walk? -YEAH! 4: A CRANE! – This spring’s first scout! 5: *crane imitation noises*)

Rehellisesti sanottuna me emme alkaneet huutaa kurjelle, mutta se kävi mielessä. Tällä kertaa siis vääntelin totuutta saadakseni aikaiseksi kivan sivun.

To be honest with you we didn’t shout at the passing crane but we considered it. This time I manipulated the truth in order to draw a nice page.

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