Kuukausiarkisto maaliskuu, 2010

* Tunnustus // Confession

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(1:  I haven’t mentioned this earlier, but I considered skipping the ananlysis because of my pretasks. 2: To be honest the comcis weren’t easy to read 3: What is this about? – Huh? 4: I dropped the analysis but then I suffered from bad conscious. One mustn’t give up so easily. 5: 4 quick analyzes in one night. 6: I passed. *whew*)

Sarjakuvan partajesse on itse Pitkämies.

The beard Jesus in the last panel is Pitkämies himself fom Pitkämies publications.

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* Stalkkari // Stalker

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(1: we went out for a walk 3: He followed. 4: We ran, he followed. 5: We fled to a bar. … He followed and then left. 6: Is he still there? – Yeah. 7:Maybe he’s a rapist. Shall we go? – Goddamn it Iiris.)

Orivedellä lurkkaa oikeasti joku tyyppi, joka ei sano mitään vaan lähtee seuraamaan. Arvatkaa vaan meenkö enää iltakävelyille yksin…

There really is someone lurking around in Orivesi he says nothing but starts following you. Guess twice am I going to my evening walks alone anymore…

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* Pirun turrit // Those damn furries

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(1: today we drew furries – The nipples are showing beautifully. 2: How come they draw fur only on spesific areas? I mean they’re animals. – ’Cause they’re supposed to be pretty. 3: Even the naturally hairy ones have to bow down before the hairless ideal.. – For example you cant draw a girl with a beard. 4: I’ll try drawing some too. – Is that me? 5: ’Panther’ came out as… a panther. – Yeah, sorry. – Let me see. *Creativity isn’t blooming today…*)

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* Kiire // Busy

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(1: Our new room’s bathroom doesn’t have a door. 2: In my previous post I whined about not having anything to do. 3: I realized that I should really hurry up with the pretasks and school’s back to normal as well. *graphic novels to be analyzed* *TTVO pretasks* – I don’t want to skip classes either. 4: Idleness was weird and gave me anxiety but it was pretty nice though.)

Tehtävät eivät ole vieläkään valmistuneet… Ideat ovat melko selvinä päässä. Lienee parasta ehkä sittenkin vähän lintsata, että saan hommat tehtyä. Yöks. Meille annettiin myös neljä sarjakuvaromaania analysoitavaksi, ensi keskiviikkoon mennessä, mm-mm.

Opiston asuntolassa on tällä hetkellä remontti, joka pakotti minut ja kämppikseni muuttamaan toiseen, juuri kunnostettuun huoneeseen. Tosi kiva, mutta vessassa ei ollut muuttopäivänä ovea. Onneksi se ilmestyi seuraavana päivänä…

So I haven’t finished the pretasks yet… The ideas are clear in my head though. It might be best to skip some classes after all, so I can finish up everything. Yuck.  Teacher gave us each four graphic novels to be analyzed for next Wednesday, mm-mm.

They’re also renovating the campus rooms, which forced me and my roommate to move to another, just renovated room. It’s really nice, but the day we moved in there was no bath room door. Luckily it appeared the following day…

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* Tyhjyys // The void

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(There’s nothing.)

I should translate also the  title of my postings from now on… It’s a bit silly to translate an entire article and just forget the header.

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* Tampere Kuplii 2010

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( Tampere Kuplii comics festival 2010, Saturday 20th of March. 1:Regardless fo the fact that there were too many people in one car the trip from Orivesi to Tampere went well. Not one police in sight. *Iiris’ Volvo* 2:  The small prints had been copied and finished the previous evening… 3: … and our class’ own selling booth waited at the Klubi! – SUPER EXCITING! 4:  I was wearing my ’cool’ Phantom-esque skirt. 5: My shift didn’t start until 3 PM so I had lots of free time.  -So where to?)

(1: our teacher Karri led us to Werstas… … quickly… 2: And to the crowded selling areas. 3:  Random time killing ensued for the next few hours. – HUNGRAYH! 4: At last, when we found an interesting lecture* we had to leave in the middle of everything so we could get back to Klubi in time – Ass! *Top 10 weirdest superheroes* 5: Treading in the  rain.)

(1: During our shift a group of readers, of which I didn’t even know  gathered around our table. ”Vagina Dentata” had been selling like hotcakes. 2: I sure hope I don’t get too cocky?  3: My shopping bag was filled with Ville Pirinen’s newest album, Jyrki Nissinen’s ’Auttajahai’ and several small prints… ALL OF THEM ROCK MY SOCKS OFF.  -DEELICIOUS.)

(Sunday the 21st of March. 1: Our selling booth earned us whopping 96 euros and 50 cents! 2: Today’s mission is to spend that money on COMICS. 3: The selling area was a lot more quiet today so the job wasn’t that bad at all *money bag* 4: After 3 hours we were left with 9 euros. 5: Among many others, the shopping bag included the Comics Finlandia 2010 winner’ Eero’ album from Petteri Tikkanen, with an inscription.)

(1: All but two reserved copies of Vagina Dentata were sold out.  Wild! 2:  ’ Lapsiorja’ a.k.a ’Child Slave’ and other prints too were selling nicely. THANK YOU ALL. 3: It’s your help that can make me and all the other students at our class to become noteworthy comic artists. I am grateful.)

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* Vagina Dentata

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Piti minun päiväkirjamerkintäkin tänne laittaa, mutta piirsin sen niin sekavassa tilassa ettei se ole erityisen hyvä. Sen sijaan mainostan teille uusinta ja samalla myös ensimmäistä albumiani, ’Vagina Dentata’. Tässä on sen kansi:

I was supposed to upload a journal entry but I drew it in such a confused state that it’s really not that good. Instead I’m going to advertise my newest and also my first album, ’Vagina Dentata’. Here’s the cover:

(Vagina Dentata, upper left: ”I’m scared of women” Portrait of a manly distress.  Upper right: Happy and skinny with sex: How to lose up to 12 kilos, the complete guide. Lower left:  Wedding extra: Before and after the dream wedding.)

Unfortunately I haven’t translated Vagina Dentata into English.

Vagina Dentata kertoo noin kolmikymppisestä arkkitehdista nimeltä Patrik Pajanen. Patrikilla on kaikki edellytykset tyydyttävään elämään, mutta hänellä on yksi merkittävä ongelma: hän pelkää seksiä naisten kanssa. Kaikki on sujunut hyvin yksin elellessä, mutta ystävän tupareissa hänet tutustutetaan nuoreen kääntäjään, Märtaan. Patrik rakastuu ja haluaa yrittää parisuhdetta ja samalla pelkonsa voittamista. Se ei kuitenkaan käy helposti…

Vagina Dentata is a story about a  thirty-something architect called Patrik Pajanen. Patrik has all what it takes to have a secured and satisfying life but he has one significant problem: he is scared of having sex with women. Life in solitude has been good until at a friend’s house warming party he is introduced to Märta, a young translator. Patrik falls in love with her and wants to give relationship a go and also try to conquer his fear. It won’t be easy, though…

Kyseistä alpparia painetaan aluksi Kupliita varten vain 15 kappaletta. Myöhempiä painoksia varten minulla sitten pitääkin olla oikeasti rahaa…

We’re making 15 of the forementioned album for the Tampere Kuplii festival. If I want more I actually have to pay for them…

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* Hellyyden osoitus / Sign of affection

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(1: If we get 4 pages from Pauliina, we should have… )

Sorry for not giving a translation for the sound effect, couldn’t find one…

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* Viikko ennen Kupliita

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(1: 46 completed pages. 2: No more need for finishing touches. Karri’s approval. Cover is in the making. 3: Album assembling, START!!)

Jotenkin tästä mun pitkiksestä tuli 46 sivua pitkä. Ihmetyttää vieläkin miten se on mahdollista, koska lisättyjä sivuja kohden on myös poistettuja sivuja. Eipä siinä mitään, lehdestä tuli albumi.

Somehow my project grew to contain 46 pages. I’m still amazed how that was possible, since I didn’t only add pages but removed some also. I’m not complaining though, my small print just turned into an album.

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* Kuolleista herääminen

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